Why You No Longer Need to Fear the Dentist

For those who fear going to the dentist, that fear is very real and often prevents them from getting the treatment they need. It could be the fear of pain or a bad experience from childhood. Around one in eight people suffer from dental phobia, and while it takes more than a few kind words to put these people at ease, here are some reasons why nobody need fear the dentist’s chair any longer:

Some good news is that more dentists understand dental phobia and will go the extra mile to ensure dental treatment causes as little stress as possible and is relatively painless. Most dental practices are skilled at helping nervous patients, ensuring they feel comfortable, can trust their dentist and explain everything to them. Always make it known that you are nervous, giving them the opportunity to help you overcome your anxiety.

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Don’t feel you need to avoid seeing a dentist anymore, those childhood memories really are a thing of the past and here’s why:

  1. Technology has changed dentistry
    You’d be amazed at how modern treatments are almost painless. Large, terrifying drills and huge needles are now history with new methods for dealing with problems such as cavities. You are more in control of your treatment, with drills that have a stop button for when you need to pause and even new laser methods for ridding the mouth of infected areas.
  2. Practices are a lot friendlier
    Dental surgeries now are comfortable, modern and welcoming environments with a focus on customer care. They look less clinical and might look more like a suite of plush offices.
  3. More understanding of nervous patients
    More so than ever before, dentists are skilled in techniques to help anxious patients. Whether it’s relaxation or sedation that’s needed, there is much greater focus on communication and understanding. Remember that a relaxed and comfortable patient is much nicer for a dentist to deal with too, so it’s in their best interests to ensure you are happy. Many will play music or let you bring a friend into the appointment.
  4. A range of professionals
    Perhaps you would rather ease yourself in gently with an appointment with a dental hygienist or dental therapist first? There is no longer just the dentist available for your treatment and booking in with a hygienist can give you a further opportunity to talk to a professional about your nerves and dental issues.
  • Here are some further steps to help overcome your anxiety:
  • Look around for a dentist who gets great reviews for treating anxious patients. Whether you need cosmetic or general treatment, for Cosmetic Dentistry Cardiff, visit https://www.cathedraldentalclinic.com/cosmetic-dentistry-cardiff/
  • Before your appointment, visit the surgery and have a look around. Ask to meet the dentist and familiarise yourself with everything to make your first appointment less stressful.
  • Remember a first appointment is often a simple check-up so use this opportunity to relax a little and get to know your dentist.
  • It’s important to communicate with your dentist to build a good relationship. Talking throughout the appointment will help to alleviate your fears.