Get to it: signs you need airport bird control

airport bird control

Birds love airports. They love the coverage, food and open space these facilities provide. They love that they have plenty of room to flap their wings and kick back in hangars, and do so with little regard to the safety and efficiency of the people operating such imperative facilities. As such, if your airport has come under attack by a bunch of squatting squawkers, you’re probably thinking of what you can do to get rid of them!

Well, there is only one answer: bird control. This vital service rids the problem from the airstrips, hangars and traffic control centres that are essential to operations.

So, how do you know if you need such services for your location? Well, it’s pretty clear to see, and we’ll walk you through the telltale signs this is imperative for your location:

There is an excess of birds at your airport 

Naturally, the most obvious sign you need airport bird mitigation is seeing a bunch of flying pests hanging around your hangars! They love these facilities for a variety of reasons, including those mentioned above and the fact that they provide shelter for them along their migratory routes. But this all well and good for them, and whilst they flap and fly about thinking it’s all good, you and airport team are thinking about the dangers they pose to passengers as well as air and ground crew.

So, if you start to notice an influx of avian species in your location, you can only expect that the problem is going to multiply. As such, the first thing you should do is call the experts in the field. They will come out to your location and set a variety of solutions that will keep that flying rabble out of your hangars and other facilities so that flights can continue without the threat of these pesky avians messing with flights!

You’re worried about safety 

If you notice an influx of birds at your location then you are probably starting to worry about safety. As aforementioned, they can cause serious problems for passengers as well as air and ground staff, meaning that the problem should not be exacerbated. As such, if you’ve noticed an influx of a particular flying species at your spot, then you should immediately call the experts to ensure that they are ridded of your location.

Nothing – including any flying pests – should impede on air operational safety, and the experts will come out to ensure your pesky problem doesn’t have the opportunity to do that!

You notice more droppings around 

Well, if you can see the droppings you can likely see the cause of them, too! And, if you notice plenty more droppings around the location, even if the problem may not be in that exact location throughout the day, then you know you have a problem that needs immediate rectification. The last thing you want are these troublemakers doing their business all over your airport – it can cause all kinds of health and safety problems, so it’s best to call in the experts to get rid them from the location before they have the opportunity to wreak more havoc.

You want to enlist preemptive measures 

At the end of the day, ongoing measures are the best way to avoid this problem in the first place, and the experts can set these for you. They can install measures that help ensure your location is free from these pesky flying critters, something which is essential to daily operations and safety!

Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman