Do you need a pre-purchase drain survey?

A pre-purchase drain survey is often overlooked when buying a house, but it should be an essential part of buying a property. When you compare the cost of the drainage survey with the potential future costs of repairs, it’s easy to see why it makes sense to make it a priority. It can help you avoid buying a money-pit house and give you peace of mind.
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What is a Drainage Survey?

A drainage survey using CCTV is a quick and non-invasive process and gives you instant visual feedback. It saves time and money and enables quick decision-making and planning.

Your standard building survey does not include a drain survey and is something you will need to arrange as an extra process.

During the survey, the surveyor will insert a CCTV camera into the drainage pipes. This will identify potential problems such as blockages, root intrusion, structural problems and cracked pipes.

The CCTV video footage obtained during the drain survey provides valuable documentation of the drainage system’s condition, should you need it in the future. It can be used to assess the system’s integrity, to support insurance claims, or as evidence in legal disputes. With the information provided by the survey, you can decide to proceed with the house purchase, possibly renegotiating the purchase price, or perhaps decide to withdraw.

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What other benefits does a pre-purchase drain survey have?

If you’re purchasing a house with plans to extend, a drainage survey will identify the location of your drains, which could have big implications on how and where you build the extension. If there is a drain in the area you’d like to extend onto, you will either have to obtain a build over agreement or change your plans.

Knowing where the drains are located will also be important if you decide to relocate the kitchen or bathroom. It will help you determine how disruptive it will be to make any changes.

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown