Bust a Move With These 5 Energetic Hip Hop Dance Workout Classes

Skipping rope exercises

Working out at the gym or at home might become boring and repetitive; instead, try a dancing exercise. Did you know that a hip-hop dancing workout can give a full-body workout? Because it is such an intense form of physical activity, you can burn loads of calories while also dancing to the music, or you can just opt for some games from https://www.wolfwinner.online/en/online-pokies/.

It’s easy to find dance workout choices online these days, and YouTube is especially useful because almost all of the videos are free to watch! Make sure to try out these five hip-hop dance workouts.

PopSugar’s 30-Minute Hip-Hop Tabata

You won’t find a more enjoyable Tabata class than this one. Keaira LaShae, the instructor, walks you through a variety of modified dance moves that will have you sweating in minutes. The class includes a few difficult hip-hop moves, such as jumps with twerk legs and leg lifts with jump squats. You can take a break and play games at rivernilecasino.com to claim some potential winnings.

Check out Keaira’s own YouTube channel, MOVE Fitness, for more fantastic, fun ways to get in shape. You might look goofy doing these hip-hop movements, and newbies, but you can do them from the comfort of your own home!

Tara’s Body 25-Minute Hip-Hop & R’n’B Workout

This workout will leave you feeling as if your body is on fire but in a good way. You only need 25 minutes to enjoy a lot of fun in this class, so much fun that you won’t mind sweating.

You don’t need any fancy exercise equipment or to be a professional dancer to participate. Simply enjoy moving and grooving to retro hip-hop sounds from renowned artists such as Usher, Rihanna, and Beyonce.

Tara’s Body also has additional fantastic dance workout videos on YouTube, such as reggaeton, samba, and AfroDance tutorials.

305 Fitness’ 15-Minute Hip-Hop Dance Cardio Workout

Exercising should never be dull, but it can be. If you’re tired of online walking classes and indoor bicycle workouts, try this energetic 15-minute dance workout.

Throughout the class, instructor Brandon will undoubtedly motivate you. Furthermore, he encourages you to have fun rather than focusing too much on getting all of the moves perfectly right.

Be sure to check out the 305 Fitness website for a three-day free trial and access to a massive library of different workout classes.

Danielle Peazer’s Beginner Hip-Hop Dance Workout

If you’re looking for a quick and easy dance workout for beginners, this is the one for you. Because the video is less than five minutes long, you can squeeze it in before or after work, or even during your lunch break.

You’ll appreciate this workout because it’s simple and straightforward. The hip-hop moves are all quite relaxed, such as syncopated jumps and slow punches.

Don’t give up if you don’t get the hang of it the first time. Try the same workout again, or visit Danielle’s YouTube Fitness & Dance playlist.

Mike Peele’s 30-Minute Hip-Hop Fit Dance Workout

Bring a water bottle and a towel because this hip-hop exercise class will be quite sweaty. This 30-minute workout focuses on your glutes and core while also being really enjoyable, and the dance choreography is exactly right.

You may find more hip-hop workouts ranging in duration from 20 to 40 minutes on the Mike Peele YouTube channel.

Remember that you don’t have to be a professional dancer to participate in these classes; just bring some energy, a positive attitude, and a willingness to have fun.

Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman