Apple’s Connectivity Explained – Car Play? Child’s Play

Connecting a smartphone to an in-car entertainment system has been a convoluted and often complicated process for some time. But now iPhone maker Apple is attempting to streamline mobile integration through the launch of a service called CarPlay.

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But what is CarPlay and will it really revolutionise the way people use their iPhone while behind the wheel, or is it a niche system with limited mainstream appeal?

The CarPlay Lowdown

The idea behind CarPlay is that an iPhone can be hooked up to the infotainment system of a modern vehicle, allowing drivers to access many of the functions of their handset without having to take their eyes off the road.

The connection is achieved via a USB cable and once CarPlay is operational it is possible for people to make voice calls, send text messages, use Siri to carry out web searches and of course play media content to enjoy in the car.

Incoming alerts and texts can even be relayed over the car’s speakers so that you are never out of the loop whilst ensuring that your attention remains on the task of driving.

With any additional technology installed you will need to make sure you let your insurance know and the next person buying your car.  Also when you get the MOT Gloucester company found at sites like swift fit uk to check your car let them know about it as they will need to be careful what they remove.

CarPlay Support

Many of the world’s biggest automakers have enabled CarPlay functionality in their modern machines, with everyone from Audi and BMW to Ford and Nissan getting in on the action. In total over 100 car models offer compatibility with Apple’s in-car phone synching system at the moment and more will be released over the coming months and years.

iPhone Compatibility Options

Not every iPhone is set up to use the CarPlay system, as only models from iPhone 5 onwards are compatible. Essentially it comes down to whether or not your iPhone has the Lightning connector on the bottom, as this is a requisite of the system’s operation.

Those who are not iPhone users can still get in-car functionality via other services like Android Auto and MirrorLink. You could also connect your phone via Bluetooth to many systems to access hands-free calling and media streaming.