5 things that all customers really want

There is more involved in achieving customer satisfaction than delivering quality products and services. While your products and services may be the bread and butter of your business, how your customers feel about their experience interacting with your business can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

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Popular online survey service SurveyMonkey highlights the importance of analysing customer satisfaction and fostering a customer-focused culture.

Here are just five traits that can make a positive difference for your customers.

1. Knowledge and experience

Every customer wants to encounter representatives who know what they’re talking about. Staff who can quickly access a customer’s case history or information on a specific product or service help build confidence in your company’s relationship with them.

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2. A social media presence

Engaging in social media helps connect your business with existing and potential customers. Customers like to share their experiences, and social media is an effective way of increasing your PR. Use social media listening to keep up with comments about your business online.

3. Good interpersonal skills

Customers need to feel that they are valued. Small details such as tone of voice, listening carefully, and how your representatives address their customers can make a big difference. CRM software is invaluable here, especially for call-backs or follow-ups, which are often time sensitive. Showing that your business cares helps customers know they can place their trust in your team.

4. Simplicity in doing business

Customers prefer their experiences to be simple and straightforward. Preferences vary depending on customers’ reasons for contact. When checking a balance or tracking a delivery, for example, they’re happy to use a website or app. For more complex enquiries, like requesting assistance with a product or returning it, many prefer to speak to a live agent. Make sure it’s easy for customers to find the right web page or the right department to contact depending on their needs.

5. Good aftercare

Most customers won’t mind a follow-up call to ensure they’re satisfied, and invitations to take part in after-sales surveys are regarded positively. Keeping in touch can also boost customer satisfaction and drive up revenue for the future.