10 ways that girls can style men’s shirts too!

Most of us have borrowed a sweater, t-shirt or hoodie from a boyfriend, brother or male friend at some point, but have you ever thought of wearing men’s shirts?

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According the the Independent, increasing numbers of women are shopping in the men’s department as they find the clothes more comfortable and flattering.

If you’ve ever found yourself coveting the sheer volume of shirts men get to choose from, pick one up for yourself and try wearing it one of the following ways.

Skinny jeans and belt

This classic and flattering look works well with plain or checked shirts and a simple leather belt. Finish with leather boots for a truly stylish ensemble.

Knotted at the waist

Voluminous men’s shirts look great knotted at the waist for a feminine touch and paired with jeans or denim cut-offs.

As a strapless summer dress

This requires a little more effort, but it’s simple to transform a regular shirt into a strapless top by slipping the arms off your shoulders and knotting them securely around your back.

Under braces

Tuck the shirt in for a more polished look, or pull it slightly out for a casual finish to this outfit.

Under a waistcoat

This look works particularly well with fitted waistcoats and over-sized shirts.

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With a low-slung belt

Choose a chunky belt that is large enough to rest on your hips for a casual, bohemian look that works well with jeans or a hippy style skirt.

With a pencil skirt

Tuck your shirt into a sleek pencil skirt for a flattering silhouette with a loosely fitted top half and a figure hugging bottom.

Tucked into smart trousers

This works particularly well with a classically tailored shirt in a plain fabric, such as one of the traditional mens Farah shirts from retailers such as http://ejmenswear.com/brands/farah.

Tied around the chest

Fold the collar down into the shirt while the shirt is fully buttoned up. Tie the sleeves behind your back as if you’re tying an apron but higher up. This look works much better if you’re flat chested.

Over a t-shirt

Wear your shirt undone over a fitted t-shirt for a cute, casual look. This looks great with checked shirts in particular for a true 1990s grunge appearance.