The 6 things that will make customers visit your store

While online shopping revenues continue to grow, it’s comforting to know that there are still some situations when customers want to visit a physical store. It’s important then that your store maximises these opportunities. So why do customers visit stores?

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While online shopping offers customers access to a wide range of products at competitive prices there are times when they simply need something right now. When your child announces at the breakfast table “I need some new trainers for football club tonight, the sole’s fallen off my old pair”, it’s no good having to wait for next day delivery, you need them today. So physical stores provide a convenience that online shopping can’t.


But make sure your store is convenient to customers. There should always be a checkout open with plenty of payment options available and it’s likely that they might use a search engine such as Google to locate a store, so make sure you appear in those rankings.

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According to The Telegraph it is possible to work your way up the rankings providing you keep your website in good order.

Products and experts

Expert and peer reviews are all very well and do have their place, however, there are times when customers want to touch and feel the products they’re buying and get advice from a real person. Make sure your store is stocked with a good range so that they can compare and contrast items and that staff are knowledgeable enough to assist. Where appropriate let customers try out samples and testers.

Ideas and impulse buys

Sometimes you just need inspiration, you head out with no idea what you’re going to buy for Uncle Bill’s birthday, and this is where stores can come into their own. Make sure displays are attractive and easy to navigate and that you’re showcasing your range to its best.

Make clever use of in store media that will allow you to deliver dynamic messaging to customers as they browse. Companies like can advise and provide retail stores with this sort of equipment.


Finally, make it fun. You don’t get any buzz from sitting on your sofa at home ordering products but you can create it in your store; add music, friendly staff and a sociable environment.