How to fix the most serious errors a job interview

job interview

There are many mistakes you can make in an interview, but fortunately some can still fix them. We tell you what to do if you’ve screwed up.

It is not easy to get a new job. First you will have to call the attention of the recruiter with a perfect curriculum, and then stand out from the rest of the candidates with a good cover letter – if they ask you.

That’s if, after overcoming this phase, another one is even more complex: the job interview. You will have 30 minutes to make a good impression and show that you can contribute more value to the company than any other candidate. However, between pressure and nerves, we often make some mistake in the job interview.

While some errors are less serious than it seems, others may be a reason to discard your candidacy. It is important to know these errors in order to be able to recoup on time.

job interview
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Fortunately the Glassdoor employment platform has revealed some tips on how to fix it when you mess up at a job interview …

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1) Not being ready for the interview by phone or video call: Not answering in time if you had a job interview by phone or video call is a big mistake. It will reflect a lack of professionalism – one of the  qualities that a recruiter never wants to see – and mismanagement of time. However, if this happens to you at some time tranquil, although it is preferable that it does not happen, it has an easy solution. Get in touch with them as soon as possible and apologize for your mistake, making you fully responsible for it.

2) Send a generic thank you email: Or worse, do not send any mail. After every interview you should send a thank you message and reaffirming your interest in the company – you can follow our advice to write the perfect thank you email here. The most important thing is that you give it a personal touch, referring to something that was mentioned during the interview, or providing more information of interest. If you have not already done it, do it! Better late than never.

3) Doing too much follow-up: Do not be too insistent, it will throw the company back. This error does not have much fix, the best thing you can do is learn from your mistake for the next one. You can check our advice on what to do – and what to avoid doing – when you wait for the answer to a job interview.

4) Do not ask any questions: Do not ask any questions at the end of the interview will show a lack of interest, initiative and attention. If you have screwed up at the end of the calm meeting, you have an easy solution. Give it a turn and send a thank you email, including any questions you may have. Here you can find some of the best questions to impress the recruiter.

5) Do not be prepared: Before any job interview you should prepare yourself well, and investigate about the company and the industry. It shows that you have a good knowledge of the business and, consequently, a lot of interest. Regarding this error, it is better to prevent than to cure. If it’s already too late make sure you’ve searched for more information in your follow-up email.