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Find a job and be successful? 6 tips for young people

To stand out in the workplace is one of the most important things in the life of each of us. Today more than ever it is important to get started today in the right way to find work and ensure a successful career and satisfaction. We want to give young people, but not only, 6 useful tips to be successful at work.

1) Specialize

Especially in a time of crisis, companies that want to remain competitive are desperately looking for highly qualified people. It is not easy finding the right people to hire, and to have specific expertise can make a difference.

If you do not love the study, do not worry: you do not need advanced degrees, MBA, or high-sounding degrees. You can follow training courses (including online), read a book on a subject that interests you, or learn self-taught in the learning-by-doing mode (learning by doing and experiencing).

Choose something you enjoy. Competence is important but it is the passion to make a difference between “doing things right” and “do things better.” Everything will seem easier and you will face challenges with ease.

Focus your efforts on issues related to the sectors that are booming as the digital world, organic, wellness, home automation and telematics. You’ll have less competition in hiring and career do quickly.

Find a job
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2) Take care of yourself

A positive image of yourself may also bring benefits to your career: you will bring a winner, and companies want people winning. You need not be beautiful, but it is essential to provide a good image of yourselves.

Sports practiced, follow a healthy diet, go to sleep early. You’ll feel fit and full of energy, and the other will feel it.

Take a vacation and relaxed when you feel tired or stressed.

Cure your style and clothing without being flashy. They do not need designer clothes but you have to keep up with fashion. Avoid worn clothes that do not fit well on your body. And remember that each organization has its own dress-code: show up in jeans and t-shirt to an interview in an insurance company probably will not do you make a good impression, but also to wear a jacket and tie into Google’s headquarters is not a good idea.

Finally, even when “come down to take the garbage” maintain a dignified appearance, you never know who you might meet.

Treat yourself you will also feel safer to be optimistic all the challenges, and not working.

3) Create your network and your social networks

Whatever job you want to do will not be enough good interview. Reputation is important. The companies will inform about you before hiring you, through common contacts and social networks.

Make new friends, possibly well within the world of work and society. Doing volunteer or attend sports and recreational centers may be a good start. Evita knowledge to bars, nightclubs and discos.

Tell everyone what you can do, but discreetly and without self-celebrate you. Prove serious and reliable. If you ask, you a favor agree to do it responsibly and without asking for money in return.

Post a profile on social networks but remember that what appears about you on social networks is the transposition of who you are in real life, and it is very difficult to have control over what they publish the others on your behalf: a picture of you drunk at a good night can have deleterious effects.

Also select your friends online, do not post compromising photos or post indecent, sexist or racist. Do not address political or religious issues, unless it is not what you occupy. If you follow these simple tips, your reputation will grow and it will benefit both in work and in life.

Find a job
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4) Start young

Register it in the world of work “early age”, with small odd jobs or seasonal and get very positive effects when you’re looking for a stable job.

No matter what work you have done. Do whatever you will have the opportunity to do: dishwasher, worker, garbage man, farmer, bartender …

You will enrich your resume and you will avoid to introduce you to a job interview “with empty hands.” Companies appreciate your good will. In addition, you will have a smattering of how business organizations know and relate with your colleagues already something correctly.

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5) Be flexible and ready for change

The business world today requires extreme flexibility. Be ready to adapt your skills to the needs of the company they work or will work.

Avoid phrases like “do not know”, “is not my responsibility” or “my framework does not allow this.” Accept challenges and new tasks even when there is an immediate economic return. And if you cannot communicate it to do something with transparency and committed to learn it quickly.

He studied, studied and studied. The world is changing quickly and you have to be up to date on the latest news within your industry. Follow training courses and documented online.

Be ready for a change of city life if needed. Not that you’ll find the job of your dreams in the house, and discover new places can also be a fascinating experience. Face life with optimism and an open mind and I would not be afraid of change. And then today with little money and in no time you can return “home” easily.

Find a job
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6) Use storytelling

Know you are telling the right way allows you to better sell your skills and your work. He studies the “storytelling” techniques means telling things so persuasive and attractive to engage and not to bore anyone who is listening to you. Online you can find many resources on how to best implement it.

Use the evocative power of the story and phrases that generate emotions to leave a positive memory of you and impress your interviewer. You will become irresistible in the eyes of every leader, who will be looking forward to having you as a team.