7 reasons why you need a handheld vacuum in your life

why you need a handheld vacuum in your life

Those who have it can no longer live without it. It is almost essential in homes with pets or children. Do you want to know why and which model you need?

You should have a handheld vacuum cleaner in your home because it is a comfortable, fast, and light cleaning accessory. It doesn’t take up too much space and with it, you can clean crumbs, sand, animal hair, and dust… and reach places that you can’t reach with your vacuum cleaner. It is highly recommended if you have children or pets. Although they are charged with a cable, they are easy to use because they are wireless and you can even use them to clean the car. If we haven’t convinced you yet…

7 things you can do with a handheld vacuum

Vacuum All Drawers

Cleaning drawers is not always an easy task. If, in addition, there are many utensils inside the drawers, cleaning becomes more complex and burdensome. The good news is that so that this task is not so uncomfortable for you, there are options.

One of them is to use a handheld vacuum. Use a fine and elongated nozzle to be able to remove all the dirt that may have fallen into the drawer. It is very useful, especially in the kitchen, where spices, some cereal, or bread remains are often spilled through the drawers.

Pet Beds

Yes, you can and should influence the cleaning of pet beds. Remember that animals accumulate many hairs and then move them to rest areas. With a handheld vacuum cleaner, you will be able to eliminate all the hairs that remain in your area and thus keep your bed clean.

The Interior Of The Car

The advantage of the handheld vacuum cleaner is that it can be carried anywhere, including a vehicle. In addition, handheld vacuum cleaners manage to thoroughly remove dirt from the interior of cars. You will leave the upholstery as new and almost effortlessly. It also collects well the dirt that sneaks into mats or upholstery.

Retrieve Items

Have you dropped an earring and you can’t find it? Handheld vacuums can become great helpers when it comes to finding small objects.

To do this, place a stocking or an old piece of cloth on the nozzle part of the vacuum cleaner. Then turn on the vacuum cleaner and go through the area where you may have lost that object. If there is any slope on the ground, it will stick to the nozzle.

Corners, Skirting Boards, Doors…

When cleaning the house, the most normal thing is to forget about the hidden corners of the floor: skirting boards, corners, doors, and even ceilings. Well, with a handheld vacuum cleaner, you can solve this problem.

You don’t even need to climb a ladder or bend down. Opt for a long-reach attachment for your handheld vacuum and get rid of all the dirt.

Ventilation Ducts

Between the ventilation ducts can also get dirt. Use the handheld vacuum and remove dust quickly. You can hand vacuum everything you need, from your computer keyboard to your hair dryer. This also prevents some devices from overheating.

Clean The Mattress

Many hours are spent sleeping and that also affects the quality of the mattress. If you want to keep the mattress clean and smelling good, it can be achieved with the help of a handheld vacuum.

How To Choose The Handheld Vacuum?

There are several aspects that you must take into account when deciding on one model or another. Depending on the type of house, the utility you want to give it, or even who lives in the home (some are dirtier than others…), these are details that will help you decide. Just in case, we give you a summary of what you have to look for when you go to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner

Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman