Twitter becomes an essential tool of the buying process technology


More than half of the users of the platform are considered ‘early adopters’.

Social networks have become a tool of the buying process: new products are discovered there, other people’s opinions on the quality of the data received or questions are directed to brands. And when it comes to buying technology items, one of the social networks most influential is Twitter, as was mentioned in the last edition of the Consumer Electronic Show: early adopters amplify the release of each new smartphone commenting on Twitter.

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Now a report from Twitter, MarketShare and Millward Brown, which will make eco Social Times, explores how users use the social platform Twitter in their purchasing decisions telephony services, and the first thing that surprises is that more than half of Twitter users (53%) consider themselves ‘early adopters’ (that is, consumers who want to try all the new technologies before anyone else). The percentage doubles the average of non-Twitter users who are also considered early adopters, and test the potential of this network for technology brands.

As in many other purchasing decisions, most consumers turn to twitter to ask questions or see if other people are commenting about the product you want to buy. Thus, 34% of the clients of telephony and Internet services go to twitter to hear the experiences of other users, and 33% also want to receive offers and promotions through this route. Keep in mind that this is a market where loyalty is low: 50% of Twitter users are likely to switch provider this year.

Twitter must also be an effective channel customer

Most respondents said they were open to new experiences of customer service through the platform itself, and 76% also admitted he was more willing to recommend a brand after a friendly interaction and personalized attention to the client.

These data show the importance of social networks to provide good service to customers, and reaffirm the results of another study of Twitter in which it was shown that 37% of consumers have used some of this network to get in contact a company (in fact, Twitter accounts for 80% of customer requests in all social networks).

However, despite poor care often has economic repercussions for the company, companies have a lot to improve: during 2015 increased by 45% the percentage of response from companies, but remains very low, as only 9% of users receive a reply.

Clearly, Twitter has meant a revolution when it comes to contact a company, because the conversation is public and in real time. But keep in mind that customers are becoming more demanding: they want flexibility, personal attention and availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Companies, meanwhile, are a step behind. And that even though for them, take via Twitter also has many benefits: real time information of customers, and a quick and inexpensive channel to please. According to Twitter, Twitter settle a question in costs the company 80% less than I do over the phone.