Recipe for activated charcoal soap

Today you can buy soap with charcoal in the store. But it is quite expensive and is not found everywhere. However, do not get frustrated because of this, because you can cook this soap and in the home.

Of course, this is not exactly preparing, because at home soap is made from a ready-made base.

To do this, you need 3 components:

  • The basis for soap (it can be transparent and white, and also sorts of “organic.”);
  • Essential oils or flavors (it is better, of course, to take the most natural – food). A wide selection of a wide variety of essential oils can be found in the nearest pharmacy. Also, if you wish, you can buy ground cinnamon or vanilla in the pods in the usual spice department of any grocery store;
  • Dyes for soap (they are liquid, powder, pearlescent and phosphorescent). Of course, it is best to choose natural – special food, or, for example, saffron, turmeric, mint, beets, etc.

In addition to the external beauty of home soap, you can give it various useful properties. To do this, you need to add to it various additional ingredients:

  • Liquid vegetable oil (olive, cedar, grape seed, etc.);
  • Solid vegetable oil (palm, coconut, etc.);
  • Cosmetic clay;
  • Ground coffee;
  • Ground oat flakes;
  • Honey;
  • Sliced or sliced.
  • Activated charcoal.

To make soap at home, you will need several items and tools:

  • Molds in which the soap will solidify (for example, silicone bakeware or ice cubes, plastic boxes, children’s sandboxes or special silicone mixtures from which you can make any shape);
  • Dishes that can be put in a microwave oven (if the base is planned to be melted in it), or a container in which it is possible to melt the base on a water bath;
  • Containers in which you can mix ingredients for soap with a melted base;
  • A spoon for stirring;
  • Dried flowers of medicinal plants, berries, twigs or plastic figurines, which can be put inside the soap;
  • Bags or boxes, in which soap can be stored. Also they will serve as a wonderful gift wrapping.

Option 1 – Manufacture of soap

Soap base should be put on a water bath for 10-15 minutes (cover the dishes so that moisture does not evaporate during heating).

It is also convenient to melt the base in a microwave oven (with an average temperature regime for 3-4 minutes). Do not allow the solution to boil.

At this time or in advance it is necessary to mix dyes, fragrances, other fillers in other bowls and pour the melted base there or prepare the bubbles with all the necessary ingredients and add them to the melted base.

When the base melts, mix the rest of the ingredients with it and mix it very carefully and quickly until the base begins to set. Then pour the future soap on forms and leave at room temperature until it freezes (this usually takes about 1 hour).

After this, you can remove the finished soap from the molds and leave at room temperature for another 2-3 days. Ready-made soap can be packaged for storage, gift or sale.

Option 2 – Manufacture of soap

Soap base can be replaced with the usual purchased soap of the right color and smell, which is practically in any home. Especially economical mistresses separately add remnants. They can also be used.

Soap must be cut into small pieces or set on a greater, and then melt in a microwave or water bath, add the necessary ingredients and pour the base on plastic boxes.

Colored soap becomes due to a variety of additives:

  • Sea buckthorn oil and turmeric will make it orange;
  • Red color will give a powder of red sandalwood and sweet pepper;
  • Brown – cinnamon, chocolate, cocoa powder and ground coffee;
  • Gray – poppy seeds and crushed activated charcoal;
  • Green – ground dry herbs, algae or chlorophyll is an extract from the leaves of eucalyptus.

When a bubble is formed on the surface of the soap, it is necessary to spray it with alcohol from the atomizer.

Honey soap


  • Transparent base – 250 g;
  • Honey – 1 tablespoon;
  • Alcohol tincture of propolis – 0.5 teaspoon.

If there is a desire and opportunity, you can put a small piece of honey in the combs in the soap dispenser. Then the soap will turn out especially beautiful.

Soap with calendula


  • White base – 250 g;
  • Sea buckthorn oil – 10 drops;
  • Essential oil of sweet orange – 3 drops;
  • Essential oil of peppermint – 3 drops;
  • Calendula petals.

Soap with activated charcoal


  • Base – 250 g;
  • Activated charcoal – 1 pack;
  • Pine essential oil – 10 drops;
  • Essential oil of fir – 10 drops;
  • Essential oil of wormwood – 10 drops.

The basis and other components can be changed to taste, only coal remains unchanged.

The main advantage of adding activated charcoal to soap is that it enhances the cleaning effect of soap and acts superbly on the skin.

Also, coal carefully cleanses the skin, so the skin of the face when washed with soap does not get micro damages.

Coal, which is an absolutely natural component and has a high adsorbing effect, thoroughly cleans pores from contamination, removes old keratinized cells, relieves skin from acne and rashes.