This most booked staycation city will surprise you

Staycations are becoming increasingly popular every year. Along with the lower cost, people are finding that they can have just as much enjoyment on their front doorstep as they can by taking a plane ride to another country.

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The advantages of staycations

The biggest advantage of the staycation during 2018 is the falling pound. In comparison with the price many will pay for a holiday abroad, staying in the UK for a vacation often works out much cheaper. It is also possible to avoid all the hassle and stress of transport to and from the airport, along with the potential cancelled flights during bad weather spells.

Perhaps surprisingly, the most popular city to visit during a staycation is Glasgow. The city offers fantastic nightlife, dining and entertainment, of course, but it is not often thought of as a family holiday destination; however, Glasgow offers all a family could want in a staycation and more. With plenty of sights to see and things to do, it is the ideal escape from reality when you want a real break from home life.

Other places to consider

When you are looking for the perfect staycation, you can’t do any better than Welsh Coast Campers in the heart of Wales. There is nothing quite like waking up to the fresh sea air and spending your day walking along the breathtaking coast. Families can have hours of fun on the beaches and then return to their warm Welsh Coast Campers for a barbecue and a good night’s sleep.

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You will never have to drive too far away to find a top attraction, and the Welsh Coast is full of wonderful villages with idyllic places to eat. You will also find tons of architecture steeped in history, and many of the local castles put on entertainment during the spring and summer months. If you fancy taking part in a medieval show during which you can dress up, learn archery and eat and drink as they did centuries ago, Wales is a fantastic choice.

Unfortunately, so many Britons miss out on what the UK has to offer in favour of other countries. If you choose a staycation, you may learn more about your own country and have a lot of fun doing it!