Why we need a documentary manager in companies?

It must be recognized. The organization of documentation in most companies is a disaster. It accumulates documentation, different versions of documents which then it is difficult to know which is really good. And you waste a lot of time trying to find where you are. These, among others, are the reasons why you need a documentary manager in companies.

The space to store documentation is no longer a problem. Most of the files that a company has are on hard drives and no longer have huge rooms full of cabinets with folders. And this space bar has ended up creating a problem.

You keep that there is always time to throw

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Firstly because nobody checks that it contains the different folders. A general structure has been created, where the departments of the company can save their documentation. But many times it doubles, a temporary copy is created and then stored until months or years later someone asks what it does there.

It is necessary to do digital cleaning from time to time. Let each of the heads of a department review what really matters and what can not be eliminated. And in certain cases this affects the LOPD, since there are multiple copies of a file that contains personal data in different locations.

When managing the backups this can also be a problem. The size of the copy, the number of files that are saved, does not stop growing. If differential or incremental copies are made, there is not much problem, since it is assumed that the junk folders, which have been forgotten, are not used. But when it comes to making the total copy, you need more space, more time to execute. But above all also for its restoration.

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The document manager helps you to better structure the information

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A document manager helps us to improve the whole organization. Different files are associated with a client, so that all your needs are always on hand. Its strong point is the facility to find the data that is needed in each moment.

Typically, they are associated with the management applications that each company uses, such as billing. The same happens with suppliers, distributors, partners, etc. When searching for any document everything is associated and organized centrally. This is a lot of time, and is the main reason why it becomes a good investment for most organizations.

It is true that many organizations have a folder structure and iron filing. However, there are few that sooner or later do not dislocate some file, someone has moved it without wanting, etc. With the document manager this does not happen, by not moving the folders directly from the Windows File Explorer. The documentation is linked, tagged and saved so that finding what we are looking for is much faster and easier.

They are also programs that do not have a very long learning curve. That is, as it is something that is done constantly, once the thread is picked up, the employee internalizes that every time documentation arrives, it has to be saved and related to the client in a certain way. And from here everything goes like silk and most of the companies that implement it successfully do not know how they have been able to work until now without this manager.