How to Hold the Perfect Spring Garden Party

Spring is upon us and the weather is blossoming, so now is the perfect time to think about holding a garden party. From the food and drink to the decorations and seating, there are lots of things to plan. Read on to discover how to hold the perfect party that your guests will always remember.

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Savoury Party Food

A traditional party in the garden requires a number of foods that are always found at such occasions. Delicate sandwiches are the order of the day, ideally with the crusts removed, to give something savoury and small to nibble on. These are often cucumber but can also have other fillings, such as cheese and tomato. Other foods should also be small so guests can easily hold them in one hand, such as little pastries and canapes. For desserts, think about scones with jam and cream or Victoria sponge cake.

Party Drinks

Proper tea is also a must-have at a British garden party. This should be served in china cups for a classic appearance. Of course, you can also hold a less traditional affair and use paper plates for a casual look, but for a spring garden party with panache, use mismatched china which can be found in charity shops. For alcoholic drinks try Pimm’s as the basis for a great cocktail or a punch that you can make yourself.

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What if it Rains?

It is important to think about the weather. In case of a downpour you should have a second plan. Try a gazebo and place the food display in there so that in case of drizzle everything is protected. There are lots of options for shelters, such as marquees, so whether you are looking for marquee hire in Kent or another city, stockists such as are there to save the day so that a little rain won’t spoil your party.


The garden can also be dressed for the occasion, so think about fairy lights in the trees, bunting draped decorously and flowers from the garden displayed on tables. For guests who don’t drink alcohol, consider serving cordials such as elderflower or lime cordial along with sparkling water. Remember to stock up on ice and lemon and lime slices to add to drinks. For a final touch, remember your fresh linen, traditional napkins and table cloths.