Top Tips to Make a Small Room Look Bigger

Knowing how to make a cozy home in a compact space is more important than ever. There is more to consider than simply small furniture and less of it. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your limited space.

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What Can I Do to Make My Room Look Bigger?

Floors and Walls

Larger spaces allow you to differentiate from room to room. But in small spaces, it is best to make your home feel like one large area. Flooring should be consistent throughout, and walls should be a light tone to reflect daylight. Lighter trim and baseboards serve to dissolve the lines between walls and floors.


Natural light is a great way to create openness while conserving energy. Curtains the same color as the walls mounted from the ceiling will transform the room. This creates a sense of height and adds an elegant look.

Shelves and Storage

You’ll want your floors as clear as possible. Store your books, TV, stereo, and knickknacks on shelves that take up minimal space. Use exposed and hidden storage to reduce clutter while maintaining personal style.

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Track lighting or chandeliers can draw attention to how low your ceilings are. It’s best to go with slender floor lamps in a neutral tone placed in the corners of the room.


Mirrors are the best way to open up a room. Hang mirrors or rest them on the floor in a spot where they will bounce natural light around the room. If you can situate them to reflect your beautiful view, it’s all the better.


When it comes to furniture in a small home, all you need are the essentials. Remodeler blogs such as offer great ideas for arranging furniture to suit your space. But here are the vital pointers to know:

A sofa elevated about 10 centimeters off the ground.
Round tables with glass surfaces will open up the flow of traffic.
Chairs with short backs and a narrow base will offer comfort without obstruction.

Decorative Accents

Limited space allows you to change out your art and decorative accents according to the season. Just keep the pieces packed up when not on display.

Remember, it is not about pretending your space is not small. It is about optimizing your space in the smartest way possible.