How not to get visibility on social networks

If we have tried is the importance of being present in social networks, whether you are an SME or as an individual. They are a showcase where you have to use a nearby language and content that will attract users.

This point is important: to attract users, but with solid contents which are not left as an ad full of contrivances that at the end, forget instantly. If we are to get followers, is always the option contests. A contest on Twitter, for example, well organized attracts your audience and perhaps other end staying as a customer.

how-not-to-get-visibility-on-social-networksWhat guidelines should be followed?

*** If we manage an account of a social network, and our hope or desire to achieve many followers / customers, we can organize a competition. **

  • But we should not be so clear when issuing the message: we want to become trending topic , but carried out with professionalism, our goal: to create an attractive community and competition with which we will improve our image.

*** If our only goal is to get many followers and rewarding time, we skipped the rules, (the same as we have established) at the end, we will achieve the opposite effect. **

  • Participants perceive that have been used as numbers (which it flees in the current advertising) especially if the winner turns out to be a person who has not followed the rules of the game.

*** We all like prizes, and feel that we are special guests for that brand. **

  • Negative comments about a company cannot be avoided sometimes make mistakes, we are human, the problem comes when the company is responsible for that mistake for a disproportionate ambition.

Brands, companies are to offer unforgettable experiences, to feel unique customer. We are sticking up for work the attention, and we use all our energy to achieve that environment.

It is as simple as fulfill what is promised. Sales and new fans will come if we know how to feed the organization / client relationship.

Honesty, creativity, good planning will give us better results than an ambitious contest, where we are more aware of the RT to check who are participating, talk to them, thank you for your time and be effective.