Express delivery, the new threat to traditional trade coming from Internet

One of the weapons that small businesses had to fight Internet giants was able to meet the demand of shopaholic. I see, I like, I want it, I buy it. Now with the arrival of the express delivery, trade now has a little more difficult to compete.

Express delivery logistics is a fast delivery service that ensures we have the product you have bought online at our home after one or two hours. Who provides this service? For it is as important platforms like Amazon.

express-delivery-the-new-threat-to-traditional-trade-coming-from-internetThe first thing you should know is whether to compete in our city is taking this service. The express delivery time is limited to the big cities, and little else, but we do not doubt that soon spread to many others. In fact you may Premium services like Amazon it takes only a day are already hurting many sectors.

This gives the opportunity to many SMEs seek options to fight this express delivery. Customization is the only way to achieve this. Provide more delivery schedules, give the possibility to pick it up at our shop where the best option without having to park or queuing, allowing express around from work to home delivery.

If we have sufficient demand, devote ourselves to this type of personalized deliveries. In many businesses no longer need that staff are behind the counter, but if there is demand for small deliveries in areas close quickly.

Finally we should exploit sales options, which allow consumers if it is not as close to our business and change the product, which does not offer at least so fast and comfortable small businesses. In this way we can build customer loyalty and avoid passing giants online sales.