Change the counter and returns

Change the counter and returns to enjoy your kitchen

Having a good working basis in the kitchen is essential for that we are comfortable in this room of the house and we encourage us to live as it deserves, but to choose the right hob, you must take into account the style of the rest of the stay, what material you prefer and, of course, current trends.

Just renewing this piece you can get a big change, without having to make a larger work. We will propose a lot of good ideas for changing the counter back to enjoying your kitchen. Visit to know more tips and ideas.

Change the counter and returns
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Modernizing classic cuisine is possible

If you want to give a present to your kitchen always without embarking on a comprehensive reform cumbersome, you can get modernize and adapt to the latest trends choosing a countertop contrasting with the style of furniture you already have.

Our proposal is to seek inspiration in the Nordic style, characterized by furniture and white tiled countertops and wood. The touch of color can add through add-ons, such as a wall clock, a plant or in the floor tiles.

Vibrant colors that encourage cooking

The kitchen is one of the rooms in which we spend a considerable time. If you want to get up in the morning and receive a wave of optimism or if you need motivation to start cooking, choose a countertop in a cheerful tone as possible. You know that colors influence our emotions.

Change the counter and returns
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To achieve this vividness nothing like a top in vibrant red, a color that is highly topical. If you also choose a glass surface, made of tempered safety glass, you will give an extra to be reflected in it the light in the room brightness.

Illuminates and magnifies with white

Nothing like this pristine color to get a sense of spaciousness, although you should be aware that is brighter and reflects more light, which is less experienced than others. If you decide on a white countertop keep in mind that it is dissimulate less dirt.

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It is a very smart choice and make your kitchen look optically more spacious, so if you finally decide on this color for your countertop, choose a material that is easy to clean, such as quartz or resin, not being porous resist moisture well, so your daily maintenance you will not be complicated.

Change the counter and returns
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Laminated countertops

If you have a small budget not renounces to renovate your kitchen. Decapitate a countertop laminate, cheaper, made with wood agglomerates or sheets coated with a layer of synthetic material that mimics almost any material.

This option combines with any color and style of furniture and also if you play with other details to decorate this piece as tiling work area with a tile color, write a few words in beautiful calligraphy or place a decorative vinyl, you can give a turn of one hundred eighty degrees to your kitchen.

Change the counter and returns
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Stone effect for a shocking result

Although the marble and granite have become the standard choice traditionally used for kitchen countertops, both documents now again become a decorative upward trend and are ideal for achieving the necessary space to work comfortably and place all we need supplements.

Yet, once again, you should consider how you combine these materials with other elements of the kitchen (color tile, appliances, cabinet doors, etc.) if you want to get a modern and away from past fashions result. In its favor are that are sturdy and durable, and that being natural materials can give them different finishes.

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