Drainage considerations for your new extension

Although drainage solutions aren’t exactly the most exciting thing to think about, they are an essential component of every top-quality home extension. So, if you want to avoid flooding, blockages, and potential fines for making the wrong decisions, here are a few things you need to carefully consider.
Drainage types

There will likely be a number of different types of drainage options available to you, each with different features and functionalities. When selecting the most appropriate option for your project, it is important that you clearly understand the difference between key terms, including surface water drainage and foul water because they must be handled differently.

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Above-ground pipes and gutters, which are often referred to as part of roof drainage systems, handle surface water whereas foul water from toilets and other facilities must be handled by below-surface pipes.

Extensions and sewers

If your extension will be constructed near or above a public sewer, you will need to obtain specific permission in the form of a build over agreement. If you aren’t certain whether this applies to you, it is sensible to have a CCTV drainage survey carried out. If you are looking for CCTV drainage surveys Kingsbury, it is important to seek out professional services such as those that can be seen here: https://www.wilkinson-env.co.uk/drainage-services-cctv-surveys-midlands/drain-jetting/drain-jetting-kingsbury/.

Building regulations

Drainage systems must comply with strict building regulations and will need to be signed off by building control, who are tasked with ensuring that all buildings are 100% safe. You should therefore have technical drawings made, as these will simplify the construction process and help your contractors to meet all key legal requirements.

Environmentally friendly drainage

As this Gov.UK article  highlights, it is becoming increasingly important to consider sustainability in both large and small-scale construction projects.


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If you want to make more eco-friendly choices with your home extension project, there are a number of drainage options that you might want to consider. For example, certain household facilities, such as washing machines, produce what is known as grey water, which some homeowners choose to reuse to flush toilets and water their gardens.

Joseph Brown

Joseph Brown