Microlino wants to show that there is room for batteries and microcars design, inspired by the BMW Isetta

Known by many as the car of Steve Urkel, the BMW Isetta was a revolutionary product for its tiny concept car and relatively affordable, today it is all a gem for collectors. Despite its small size, it is also a source of inspiration for those who are conceiving how it has to be the electric car of tomorrow: eSetta, Durax D-Face, and the protagonist of our story.

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Adorable in its lines, we could say that the small car Google also shares certain charm and the like. But if there is a vehicle that you think is the Microlino that Swiss Micro Mobility Systems are conceived, in fact, do not hide their likeness and sell it as such. He shares with even the particular way in the vehicle, with a door that occupies the entire front.

Some think that the batteries also make sense within micro cars, a good example can be microlino

We find a vehicle that is propelled solely by batteries and wants to surprise the burgeoning market with a powerful electric price and aesthetic breakthrough. The Swiss company talks to sell in a price range that moves between $9000 and $13500.

The technical specifications of the vehicle are interesting, its electric motor of 15 kW allows you to achieve a speed of 100 kilometers per hour – does not come into competition, but plenty. Lithium battery with a capacity of 11 kWh would give a range of 96-120 kilometers, depending on the type of use made of the Microlino.

Attention to detail, four wheels and room for a couple of occupants without much luggage

The micro car weighs little more than a motorcycle, about 400 kilograms, indeed much of its technology may come from the world of two wheels as the company that is creating has forged his career in the production of scooters and electric scooters. Quite possibly finish framed within what are light quadricepses, at least in regard to testing for safety and freedom of movement.

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Microlino is not something that is to be sold tomorrow; vehicle production is raised for 2018 and is already starting to teach to get some feedback. Many of its features can change from here to make it a reality, but what we see and it is interesting to actual use.

Step complicated market that wants to attack, above scooters, small cars under charming, as Smarts, Minis or Fiats 500. In its line can see that there is already a Renault Twizy that seems to have a great insight into the market. Toyota is also working on a similar idea with the i-Road. Visit http://merchantdroid.com/ for more news and tips.

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