8 out of 10 SMEs and have understood that creating and distributing quality content is key

Content marketing has become an essential tool for businesses, and is easy to understand why: it is natural, relatively inexpensive and shoot the engagement. Therefore the budget for these actions is growing every year, and none of the big companies dispenses an active profile in popular newsletters or send social networks.

But what about small and medium-sized enterprises? Exactly the same thing: content marketing is now mainstream and few organizations that do not take advantage. A new study investigates Scoop precisely what the most common practices among SMEs and for that surveyed more than 1,000 marketing managers of small businesses. The results are quite encouraging.

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8 out of 10 SMEs and have understood that creating and distributing quality content is key, and they do, especially through the more established blogs and social networks and channels. Specifically, 72% of respondents shared content through social at least once a day, and even networks was a 33% for more than three shares per day. The contents that are shared are both internal and third party, as the brands understand that selecting useful or interesting content, although not itself adds value and credibility to the firm. In fact, only 8% is limited exclusively to share their own content.

As for the blog, 79% updated at least once a month (and 40% do so on a weekly basis). The main goal of blogging is to provide a source of traffic that can convert, and in fact 52% of respondents consistently add call-to-actions to convert readers into leads, and another 32% say they are in it.

In any case, we must bear in mind that there are still 21% of companies say they do not have a blog, and 28% acknowledging not update their social networks frequently, ie 2 out of 10 SMEs fail to in generating traffic and leads more accessible and efficient.

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The email distribution is undervalued

While most marketers of SMEs are aware of the importance of social media or blog, it seems that email content distribution has fallen somewhat into oblivion, and only 29% of respondents send newsletters so weekly (with an 8% every month).

In contrast, there is a 29% do not use this channel, and another 29% who only distributes content via email once a month. The main reasons not to bet more decisively by email is the fear of becoming spam, confusing the contents of user value for promotional or targeted to the company’s own messages. It also costs them to find content that is good enough to be susceptible to interest its receptors, and the whole process is complex and time consuming, so check back many.

But not only in the email there are opportunities for improvement, Scoop survey also refers to other strategies that can trigger the effectiveness of content marketing, as sharing the most successful blog posts several times (which only makes per set 34% and another 34% never do, moving only content when they first be produced), reuse the same content for different formats (51% never do) or employ workers themselves as advocates of SMEs, getting that they also share the contents. Click here more more like this.