BCPA: latest advice on pigeon control

Pigeons can be a pest when too many of these birds frequent an urban area. They not only leave a mess on buildings and windows, but they can also spread disease and encourage other pests to nest in the area. Pigeons in poor health can also infect healthy pigeons with diseases such as ornithosis and E. coli, so controlling pigeons is vital for maintaining a healthy environment. BCPA has released its latest advice on controlling the spread of these troublesome birds.


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The Problem of Infestation

Some problems with pigeon infestations include the obvious aesthetic issue of dirty buildings. Another problem is that dry droppings can become airborne, causing some people to develop respiratory problems. The elderly and young children are particularly vulnerable to chest complaints. Pigeons droppings are also acidic and can corrode brickwork and metalwork.

The nests of pigeons encourage mites, beetles and parasites, which all bring problems of their own, while nests can also block guttering and chimneys, making ventilation more difficult and water overflow more likely due to blocked drains.

Wood Pigeons Move into Cities

One of the main problems of a pigeon infestation is that their presence can look unsightly as they leave their mess everywhere. Pigeons are also a problem for gardeners, as they damage plants and fruit trees. This is unpleasant for homeowners, while for business owners, the birds’ presence can drive away customers. With more rural wood pigeons now making their homes in urban areas, including big cities such as London and Manchester, pigeon infestation is becoming greater problem for businesses.

Pigeon control services help to clear away an infestation and prevent further problems. For those looking for London pigeon control services such as those offered by http://www.vvenv.co.uk/, there are many options that can control pigeons effectively and prevent their reappearance.

Pigeon Control and Proofing Measures

Pigeon control measures include proofing a building using specialist tools in order to remove food sources and block off sites where they perch and nest. Barriers, spikes, wire and netting can also be used as means of proofing against pigeon infestation.

BCPA also recommends audible scarers and special gels to discourage birds and prevent roosting. It is always recommended to employ professionals to deal with any infestation as they will have access to the appropriate equipment to ensure effective measures are taken.