5 Apps to Help You Gain Weight in a Healthy Way

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Gaining weight can be more difficult for some people than losing it. Being underweight is just as dangerous as being overweight since it can lead to health problems such as a weakened immune system and malnutrition. Numerous excellent mobile apps assist you in losing weight, but what if you wish to gain weight? Fortunately, there are a few apps that might help you gain weight safely and effectively, so you can play games at https://www.jackpot-town.com/en-ca with a peace of mind.

Whether you need to gain weight for health reasons or simply want to build some muscle mass, below are the best apps for gaining weight.

Gain Weight App

One of the finest ways to bulk up is to work out regularly. Instead of paying for a gym membership, simply clear some space in your living room and use the Gain Weight App to gain healthy body mass. The app pushes you to gain weight in 30 days by following their meal and workout plans.

You won’t feel overwhelmed if you take a break day every fourth day. The app’s exercises are simple movements like push-ups, lunges, and squats. However, as you develop, the workouts grow more challenging, with more reps, you can take a break with online gambling South Africa right after.


Eating the appropriate diet is vital when it comes to healthily gaining weight. It’s not enough to eat junk food, which has little nutritional value; you also need to ingest the right amount of proteins, fats, carbs, and fibres. You must also be physically active daily. The Foodvisor app ensures that you reach your optimum weight by providing you with a personalized nutrition plan. Simply answer a few questions about yourself and your goals, and the app will create a personalized plan for you.

Foodvisor includes a large recipe collection with over 300 dishes, each with a rating indicating how healthy the meal is. In addition, tap on daily assessment to get a summary of your calories consumed, food recommendations, and macronutrients.


FitMenCook is a bestselling food and drink app created by fitness guru Kevin Curry. The FitMenCook app is focused on making nutritious, practical, and affordable meals for the whole family. Each recipe includes an ingredient list to add to your grocery list. You can then organize your shopping list by grocery aisle or recipe. FitMenCook is thus the ideal app for a beginner or a busy parent.

Hardgainer or high-protein meals are excellent for muscle-building. Here’s a list of recipes to help you gain weight, with filters like diet, macros, and cooking methods. The best bits? If you are unable to download the mobile app, the FitMenCook website contains hundreds of recipes.

Dumbbell Workout at Home

Even while you can increase muscle mass by utilizing only your body weight, using a basic set of dumbbells in your workouts might assist accelerate the process. Dumbbell Workout at Home is a fantastic app that includes both dumbbell and bodyweight workouts. All of the workouts are quick, effective, and simple to follow, making them the best for beginners.

You can select from beginner, intermediate, or advanced 30-day workout plans based on your skill level. Alternatively, you can select an exercise routine based on the area you want to target, such as your back, chest, or abs.

Weight Tracker

Tracking and monitoring your weight and BMI (Body Mass Index) might be difficult at times. However, keeping track of this information is important if you want to attain your weight-loss goals. The Weight Tracker app has a simple UI and displays your current weight, weight change, BMI, and ideal weight.

You can also use the app to add progress photographs to further push yourself. Weight Tracker is an app that everyone can use, regardless of whether they aim to gain muscle, maintain a healthy weight, or reduce weight.

Jeffrey Bowman

Jeffrey Bowman