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A Guide to First Aid in the Workplace

Training employees in how to provide first aid is an important part of a comprehensive safety programme. There are set standards for first aid training in the workplace, but there may be additional requirements that differ from company to company. If you have any doubts, ask your employer what their requirements are.

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In the workplace, people often need to perform first aid interventions when they find someone injured or ill. These first aid interventions can save lives. While you may have some basic knowledge of how to treat someone who is injured or ill, it is best to receive practical training from a qualified instructor. For full details on Emergency First Aid Training Courses, visit

First aid is the care provided to a person in an emergency, preventing the condition from worsening and promoting recovery. In a workplace, first aid protocols are designed to provide immediate assistance to employees until the arrival of professional help. Accidents and illnesses can be particularly serious, and the actions you take in a first aid emergency can help the patient survive until medical help arrives.

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Basic first aid kits are essential to have on the worksite. They should also include the additional supplies needed for specific emergencies. Workplace first aid kits provide guidance on the types and quantities of supplies needed. It is recommended that workplaces review their first aid programmes periodically. During this review, a first aid team should assess the needs of the workplace and make changes as necessary.


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