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Looking Out for Natures Autumn Sights

Going out for a walk in the natural world is a relaxing activity, and just because the weather is getting cooler doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t go out and about. In fact, there are many things to see in nature during the autumn months – make sure that you have cosy aran sweaters like these as well as comfortable footwear and warm socks to take with you – and of course your waterproofs! Then head out into the countryside and see what you can spot…


Salmon – If you are walking near a river, look out for the salmon making their way up the river to spawn. The salmon make this perilous journey from the sea back to their own birthplace in the autumn, usually after a period of heavy rainfall when the river is in spate.

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Plants – There are many plants that come into their own in the autumn. The evergreen plants like ivy stand out against the colours of the woodland, and the leaves of trees are turning beautiful colours before falling. You will also notice many nuts, seeds and berries around at this time of the year, an important part of the diet of many species of creatures, looking to stock up on food before the hard winter months arrive.

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Owls – The earlier dusk gives you the opportunity to spot owls. For example, if you are in woodland you may come across the tawny owl, or on fields and farmland, look out for the ghostly shape of a barn owl gliding low over the ground at dusk.


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