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What can cause damage to your pipes

We have incredibly robust and sophisticated pipe and drain systems here in the UK. Our homes are supplied with fresh, clean water through pipes to our taps and showers and the wastewater is removed through a system of pipes, drains and sewers. These are more modern adaptations of the ancient sewage systems that were developed by the Romans and ancient Egyptians. These old civilisations developed ways to get freshwater into communities and ways in which they could remove old dirty water from the same areas.

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One of the reasons is that we have been able to remove diseases such as typhoid and cholera from our western societies as a result of the sewage and water treatments that we have developed. Sadly, these options are not always available in the developing world and so instances of both typhoid, cholera and other waterborne diseases still occur today. In some cases, these can prove to be fatal for people who have already weakened constitutions.

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There are a number of things that can cause damage to your pipes. It is always important to have any damage repaired by a professional Sewer Pipe Lining Wolverhampton company. Here are some of the ways that damage can occur to your pipes.

Tree roots – roots are designed to seek out water and when there are small cracks in your pipes it is inevitable that any trees or large shrubs that are planted nearby will try to find a way into the pipes. Once they make their way in, they will start to multiply and will look to set up camp in the pipes, to give them ready access to water.

Fatbergs – these are an accumulation of fat, oil and either food debris or other items that have washed down the plughole. These can become incredibly large and there have been instances where fatbergs have caused blockages in entire sewage systems. The best way to prevent these from occurring in the first place is to ensure that you do not pour any fat-like substances down your sinks.

Hair – human hair that is washed down shower and bath sinks can create all sorts of blockages in your pipes and when it combines with shampoo and soap residue it can create a tangled mess that can cause water to become blocked.

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