In SMEs it is also growing as a worker


When a person finds a job in a large company tends to emphasize this fact as if it were synonymous with the greatest achievement that can reach a worker.

A few days ago chatting with a person who has spent over fifteen years working in a small company. I decided to make an impromptu interview and told me interesting experiences.

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Take more than a decade work has merit. Without a career or a Master in sales, has maintained its employment base do their job well and perform their duties with great professionalism. How? Noting!

The best chance is to trust you beyond a resume and big business is not only difficult to enter but you end up being another number.

Sense of belonging to a project

Their leaders also relying on it, they take into account their views. Bringing many years on the job, as they know the business so well and their views are taken into account for the common good.

A smaller number of workers are easier than it feels part of the business, and to get involved in the day.

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Obviously all small businesses or SMEs do not live in a permanent state of happiness and problems are nonexistent, but if we are to face different managers to move a problem will never be like to try from the first moment with the person responsible for the company.

With a bit of will, and with a mentality where the worker is seen as part of the solution and not the problem, it will be easier to retain a staff that knows valued in office.

The uncertainty in thinking you can lose your job is there, is a theme that came out in the conversation, but the positive is to be aware of the regular times by passing the company without being a state secret.