Core Pebble recorded our careers and let us listen to Spotify, you can forget the phone

Core Pebble

Pebble intended to improve monitoring of vital signs in their watches, to target their products to the business of sport and health. The idea is that users can use as a monitor Pebbles and pass phone, or other additional gadgets.

A first step had to do with improving related applications, but the important give it creating a pair of watches – Pebble 2 and Pebble Time 2 – that have sensors to measure the rhythm of our heart, and an unexpected gadget: Pebble Core, which is the main protagonist of our article.

Core Pebble
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Pebble Core features GPS and 3G

It is the first device that believes in the company that really is not a clock, is a wearable designed for athletes, with the most important training sessions and competition: a GPS to position and a 3G modem for communications – yes, loading Spotify. This is like an iPod Shuffle updated with more possibilities.

This connectivity not only serves to make our activities more entertaining, has an emergency mode with which can alert others that something has happened to us. If you looked recently, it has WiFi connectivity to fraternize with the most popular applications market: RunKeeper, Strava, MapMyRun, Google Fit and Under Armour.

We need a SIM card to connect with special services – Uber, Spotify – and must have a Spotify Premium account, which is serving the content. If we pass this option, we have 4GB of internal memory, which can be transmitted from other sources via WiFi. Thanks to Bluetooth can wirelessly listen on headphones that support this type of connectivity.

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Independent and Android

No less interesting fact in Pebble Core is that your operating system is Android .As for the interface, there are no screen, we have a couple of buttons that can be configured to our liking. On autonomy, the gizmo is capable of being alive almost ten hours on a full charge. Core comes with a small wireless charger.

The company orients towards the sporting world, but also invites us to use it to monitor the movement of people or things, such as a key or a child. We repeat, the Core can be used no phone, no clock, it is autonomous, but obviously you’ll get more party paired with them.

How much Pebble Core? In the United States will be priced at $99, initially available within one Kickstarter campaign, where they asked $69 to those who dare to support him before being a final product. Visit for more reviews like this.