Have You Considered Oak Feather Edge Cladding.

There is nothing quite as gorgeous as a fully finished interior oak timber floor. The natural beauty of oak along with its ability to take a large amount of wear and tear makes it one of the most highly sought after timbers for flooring. It is also one of the most expensive, which adds another level of desire from people who are looking to have something very special in their homes. If you have decided that you want this flooring in your home, the best way to ensure that it will look great is to install an oak feather edge cladding, from companies like Timberpride. This type of cladding can provide you with the same look and feel that you would get from an unfinished oak floor but will help to protect the wood underneath from damage that could be caused by liquids.

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Cladding such as this can be purchased with either a tongue or groove profiled design. This design allows the different panels to slide together easily so that installation is not affected in any way. When you are buying the oak feather edge cladding, you should always choose a company that will be able to install it without any problems taking place. You need to ensure that they have years of experience in this field.

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In addition to this, the oak feather edge cladding is also very resistant to water, termites and mould. This is because when the timber is wet, this is less likely to allow water to permeate through and ruin the timber. If the boards are placed on concrete foundations, this will also work to make it more difficult for water to get through. If you want the floorboards to last for many years, then it is vital to ensure that you purchase this type of product. It will provide you with a timeless, elegant design that will add value to your home.


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