Wrap Up Warm in these Locations

While we’re in the middle of summer, it’s difficult to imagine when there’s frost outside and we’re wrapping up in woolly jumpers. Enjoy the warm weather while it lasts as we’ll soon be looking for ways of heating our homes again when the winter storms set in. Spare a thought for the people of these cold climates who have to live in some of the most freezing temperatures on the planet.

Oymyakon, Russia

This is the coldest place on earth that is permanently inhabited. The coldest temperature here was reached in 1933 when it dropped to a bone-shivering -90! A normal winter’s day in this harsh Siberian landscape can still plummet to -58. This is a place where you won’t want to venture outside for long.

Denali, Alaska

This is where you’ll find the highest mountain in North America and it attracts some of the world’s most severe weather. Temperatures dip to an icy -75 degrees F but with the wind chill added to this, it can feel more like -118! You wouldn’t want to be stuck on this monstrous mount for long or you’d freeze in an instant.

Vostok, Antarctica

Nobody actually lives here, it’s just a research base and has been since 1957. The lowest temperature on earth was recorded here in 1983 at a staggering -128.6 degrees. This Russian Research base is so cold, it can only be attractive to scientists.

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Snag, Yukon, Canada

The coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada occurred here in 1947. The residents of this chilly town had to endure winter temperatures that dropped to a frightening -81.4. They must have wrapped up in fur skins and stayed huddled around a fire to survive that one. If all this talk of wintry weather is making you feel cold then why not think about making your home super cosy this winter with Defra Approved Wood Burning Stoves. For more information, visit http://www.stoveworlduk.co.uk/DEFRA-Approved-Multi-Fuel-Woodburning-Stoves

Eismitte, Greenland

With a name that means ‘ice centre’ in German, you know this is going to be one chilly destination. Eismitte is located on Greenland’s Arctic side and is the site of a research base, set up in the 1930s. The iciest conditions that have been recorded there reached -85, with an average winter temperature of a not-much-better -52!

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Verkhoyansk, Russia

People have been resident here since the 17th century in what was first established as a fort. The town lies 1,500 miles south of North Pole and sees an average winter temperature of -50.4. A bleak place, it never gets above freezing from October to April. The Russians used to send their political exiles to live there – mean huh?

Prospect Creek, Alaska

The award for the lowest temperature ever recorded in the United States goes to Prospect Creek for plunging to -80 in the winter of 1971. This isn’t the place for sun-worshippers as the sub-arctic conditions make for extremely short summers and long, dark winters with average temperatures not rising much above -21 degrees F.