Rick Lagina Net Worth

Rick Lagina Net Worth and Biography

Rick Lagina is a passionate American treasure hunter, reality star and producer. He is the brother of Marty Lagina, with whom he shares a common interest in the treasure hunt. Rick is known primarily for his History Channel reality show, The Curse of the Oak Island. He is also known for starring with his brother Marty in the 2015 comedy and variety show, The Last Show with Stephen Colbert. Over the years, people have shown interest in knowing certain things about Rick, if you interested to know Rick Lagina Net Worth and Biography, below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about this life.

Rick Lagina Net Worth

Rick Lagina Biography

Rick Lagina was born in the 1950s in Michigan, United States; his exact date of birth is unknown but he is the first of three brothers. Rick grew up in Kingsford, northern Michigan, along with his brother Marty, his sister Matina and their parents, George Jacob Lagina and Ann (Cavalieri) Lagina.

Not much is known about the personal and Rick’s background information. They seem to have remained as hidden as the treasures he seeks in the deadly Oak Island. However, Rick Lagina revealed that he had always wanted to be a treasure hunter. He had a particular interest in the speculated treasures hidden in Oak Island since he was eleven.

Rick’s burning passion for treasure hunt became even stronger after reading an article about the January 1965 issue of Reader’s Magazine Summary of a family’s effort to dig up historical artifacts and rare gems buried in the island.

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Realizing that his two children have a great interest in the treasures of Oak Island, Rick’s father showed them (Rick and his brother Marty) an article about the island in The Wall Street newspaper. The article further enhanced those of Rick and Martyinterés in the legends of Oak Island. From then on, Rick took care of looking for all the speculations, facts and complexities of the island. Later, he and his brother began the Oak Island treasure hunt in 2006, employing several world experts, as well as the latest technology to explore and solve the mysteries of the island.

Together with his brother, Rick Lagina created a reality television series, The Curse of the Oak Island. Its objective of configuring the program is documentary and transmitted its exploration progress on the island. The six-season reality series comprising 71 episodes premiered in Canada on January 5, 2014 and has been running on the History network since 2014. Robert Clotworthy tells the story while producer Rick and Marty play as the main actors.

The curse of the Oak Island exposes the history and theories of the Oak Island, previous explorations of the site, as well as past and recent discoveries. It focuses on attractions on the island, such as Money Pit, Borehole 10-x, Smith’s Cove, Nolan’s Cross, Hatch, Watchtower and Swamp. The program is currently in its sixth and final season and has so far attracted millions of viewers worldwide.

The Oak Island is a wooded forest of 140 acres (57 hectares) island in front of Bride Scotland in Canada, with a story of mysterious treasure hunt dating back to 1795. A myth says that seven heads must fall on the island before it discloses Your hidden treasures Six have reportedly fallen, but the Lagina brothers are not deterred.

Before delving into the treasure hunt, Rick Lagina, who is tall and impressive, was a US postal clerk.

Rick Lagina Net Worth

Rick Lagina Net Worth is estimated of $2 million. His experience and diligence in the Oak Island hunting series have earned him considerable fame and followers, which usually come along with wealth. Rick Lagina Net Worth boosted from his income from projects surrounding the Oak Island treasure hunt.

On August 2, 2016, Nova Scotia Business Inc. revealed that it approved $1,271,546 to finance the production of the 4th season of The Curse of Oak Island.

In addition to the money he earns from the Oak Island television show, Rick is also an island shareholder.

Personal Life

Rick Lagina barely shared his private life. Nobody can say much about his family. But considering his age and personality, Rick should have a family of his own somewhere, away from the prying eyes of the media. Worse, he is not active on social media platforms. He has no accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the rest.