How to decorate open spaces with style

decorate open spaces

The open spaces describe a map of interior design that has this particularity that can become a strength in decoration. How to enhance the beauty of an open space? The spaces of these characteristics are a trend and also transform small rooms with a new situation of spaciousness.

Focus on the advantages of open spaces

decorate open spaces

The enumeration of the pros and cons of this type of space distribution depends mainly on the personal point of view and the routines of the home. To decorate an area of the house from this interpretation of the space that produces the effect of the amplitude it is recommended that you look, mainly, at the strengths that the house can experience from this situation scenario, with respect to the opposite image of areas differentiated and delimited.

For example, one of the strengths of an open space that gives a special prominence to the living room and kitchen is the light that runs through both rooms without any obstacle. Similarly, the kitchen and living room are two of the main rooms of the house. Through this open space proposal, both zones have the same level of presence and importance. An open space becomes the center of coexistence from the versatility offered by this flexibility of different areas composing the same reference.

Therefore, observe what you earn at home through this open space proposal to enhance these points with the decoration plan.

Balancing the decoration of an open space

decorate open spaces

The elimination of partitions in an open space places you before a scenario in which the decorative interpretation changes in the characteristics of the place.

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For example, in the context of a kitchen attached to the living room, it is important to observe both rooms as scenarios that have a point in common since there is a continuity between these sites that are part of the same plane. Therefore, when decorating an open space it is advisable to have a vision of context that leads to the image of the whole of this room defined by its openness and visual continuity.

The criterion of balance and harmony can be applied to color, furniture and accessories. An open space is also vulnerable to being reloaded even if the image is different.

Delimitation of spaces in the house

decorate open spaces

In relation to the previous decoration point, it is important to look for the formula to differentiate both zones within this whole using practical ideas to separate spaces visually through the distribution of furniture, the choice of color or materials.

The scenario of the home changes in this type of situation that dispenses with the delimitation of the wall as a visible barrier that individualizes each room separating it from the others. Therefore, by dispensing with this element, the decorative action plan is a practical solution to achieve this same effect but in a different way. Therefore, this differentiation leads to the balance of observing each room in itself and, at the same time, visualizing the link with the other area located in this open space.

The differentiation of rooms in an open space can be made from the enumeration of the practical function of each area. This planning is part of the final visualization of a scenario with these characteristics. Why is it so important to enhance this balance and this harmony? Because both characteristics are an example of beauty in interior design.

In short, enjoy the decoration of an open space while maintaining the reference of what the objective is, the advantages of this place, the balance and the differentiation of rooms.