Five Space-saving Tips for Small Rooms

Don’t let the size of a room limit its potential. Small rooms just need a bit of extra planning and canny ideas in order to make them work better for you. Whether you have many or just one small room in your home, read through these five space-saving tips and small room remedies.

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Small Kitchen

Small kitchens are very common, especially in flats or Victorian houses. What’s really taking up room in your kitchen? That’s right, it’s the appliances. Your washing machine, however, doesn’t have to live in your kitchen, and neither does your tumble dryer – in Scandinavia these are actually bathroom items, although British electricity laws mean they will have to be moved to a utility room or perhaps under the stairs. Do you need four burners on your hob, would a two burner suffice? Taller wall units can also provide more storage, as can pull down additional worktops.

Small Bedroom

Seeing as a bedroom is merely the place you sleep, you don’t need metres and metres of space, but you do need a place to put your clothes. Think of ingenious storage solutions such as fitted wardrobes placed in areas that can’t be used, such as an alcove or gap by a chimney breast. Under your bed is also a great space if you use it well, with organizsed pull-out drawers.

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Boiler wWoes

A large, old boiler is usually as inefficient as it is bulky. Many households could change to a smaller combi boiler that does away with the need for water storage tanks and are generally more compact.

Small Bathrooms

A small bathroom can be remedied with a slimmer toilet, sinks and bath, or perhaps by just having a shower to give you more floor space. Also go for slimline, wall mounted bathroom radiators or towel heaters like those from Because these can be installed higher on the wall, it can free up valuable floor and lower wall space.

Slim Vertical Radiators

Don’t expect your sofa and your radiator to jostle for wall space, instead change to slim vertical radiators that don’t require taking up a whole wall. Remember, if your rooms are small, you don’t need as much heat to warm them anyway.

These small room space-saving tips will help you get more from the smallest rooms in your house.