Cheese and chocolate together: This is the true superfood

Mmmmmm … cho-co-la-te! Yes, many are putting them face Homer Simpson when they talk about their favorite food. Of course, the cheese also has a fan club amazing throughout the world (too many detractors, it must be said).

And someone has come up with the bright idea to unite them in a single product. So you do not ever have to choose. So when you ask who you prefer, if Mom or Dad, cheese or chocolate, you have an alternative perfect answer: Choco 21.

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We love to have people with resources and capacity for invention in the world. For solving all kinds of problems. Even problems like the eternal battle in the ranking of our favorite foods. Why having to choose which occupies first place if they can do both at once?

That must have thought the person who invented Choco 21, an incredible product that combines cheese and chocolate.

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Choco 21 is an Italian blue cheese soft and delicate flavor, which has been bathed entirely in chocolate liquor during their maturation process, to then cover it with cocoa powder and decorate it with chocolate chips.

Yes, it’s true, everything seems to work of a Dr. Frankenstein, a mad freak and somewhat grotesque, but those who have tried the Cheese Curds & Whey have given amanuensis notes. And the success of the invention has been such that stocks are over.

The only question that arises when we taste this product is what accompany: rolls or buns? Is it for breakfast, picnic or to finish a meal? Yes, we know for sure that blends perfectly with a good wine. What else can we ask?