Keys to update your CV

When looking for a new job, updating your resume is essential. For selections, an outdated CV, loses value and immediately left out of the selection process. So get ready and put your data daily.

The job search is complicated and can take months and even years to find a new opportunity. It is important that at the time of becoming unemployed or pretend to be changed, carry out a strategy, a plan that will help us to achieve our goals.

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Here in this article we highlight six important aspects and that candidates should note on your resume:

1) The first step is to update information on the CV, but for that you have to know what you want, what your claims are and what area you want to find your next job.

2) The main thing is to give emphasis to your past work experiences. If your history is quite long, you should highlight the most important and especially the most recent, but never erase any, for demonstrating continued employment is one of the aspects most valued by companies.

3) Some data that were once fundamental and should go or yes in the curriculum, now are no longer required or no longer add value. A good example is the photo. Although in many countries is prohibited order them for the application of a charge, as it can be used as an element of discrimination, the fact is that for many positions is a prerequisite. Use a professional and consistent image with your current appearance.

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4) Stay Connected: Other things you should take into account is the e-mail and phone number. Today immediacy is essential and the recruiter to contact you easily is vital and these channels are the most efficient way to do it. If you are selected, the company will contact you, and if it does with your mobile, exhausted all the channels that have put in the curriculum, so that you updated if not, your chances of advancing stages decrease.

5) Review what you’ve done lately to improve your professional profile and if there is any knowledge acquired that is relevant to your aspirations. The additional data also provide information relevant.

6) There are candidates who omit information in their CVs your work experience, believing that does not add to his career, however, this is critical, because the empty times denote that this person did nothing. For more reviews like this visit