From London to Sydney: 10 industrial spaces for art

Starting from the impressive building that stands on the banks of the Thames in London, we discovered that there is a world beyond the old factories that lose their meaning to stop working, turn those cold constructions multicultural spaces where art is the most important and accepted from exposures to studies for the development of activity. Then do this little review of 10 industrial spaces converted into an art gallery.

Tate Gallery – London

Using as its starting point the Tate Gallery and its new extension, which opened just a few ago weeks, with a new building spectacular design, we remember that the old factories are blank canvases to develop activities related to contemporary art interventions, creating unique spaces its previous use and its new mission.

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Kunstkraftwerk – Leipzig

The Kunstkraftwerk opened barely a fortnight ago as exhibition space in an electrical east of the city of Leipzig old center.

Wiels – Brussels

Great use of space and building which has been in Brussels this former brewery from 1930 that appears majestic when you arrive at the Eurostar. Now hosts exhibitions video and photography.

1853 Gallery Saltaire – Yorkshire

The industrial revolution of the nineteenth gave buildings, environments, as impressive as this. This textile factory in Saltaire was always more than that, with accommodations created for their employees. Since 2001 Unesco heritage and used as a space where converge art and business since 1986.

The Sucriere – Lyon

In springs beside the river in Lyon is this old sugar converted into multicultural art gallery and concert hall. They look majestic old silos with their posters Gauche and Droite.

Carriageworks – Sydney

Carriageworks is an old storage building and repairing trains in the neighborhood of Redfern in Sydney and are held from art exhibitions, parades and the Sydney Festival among others.

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The Art Factory – Porvoo – Finland

This new exhibition space near Helsinki was once the place where the manufacture of horseshoes was centered, among other things. The Art Factory is in Porvoo.

Torpedo Factory – Alexandria, Virginia

During World War II in this place of Alexandria torpedoes were produced (secretly), today the Torpedo Factory which produces is art, painting, with space studies public access to artists from across the United States.

Condensery Gallery – Toogoolawah, Somerset, Queensland

This time has recovered an old factory of condensed milk in Queensland, restored and converted spectacular way in art gallery.

Russell Industrial Center – Detroit, Michigan

If there is something that reflects the rebirth of creativity in Detroit it is the conversion of these old factories of engines and car parts in a center for emerging artists. Heaps of buildings of different types comprise the Russell Industrial Center.