EV Owners: The Early Signs Are Good. Really Good.

The Auto Express Driver Power 2016 survey has seen the Tesla Model S come out on top, having been voted as the car that is most satisfying to own.

EV Owners

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Electric powered cars were the high achievers in this latest study as the ZOE, an all-electric car from Renault came second while four hybrids powered by both petrol and electricity also featured in the top ten.

Some of the 10 categories covered in the survey included how advanced the in-tech systems in the cars were, how practical they were, how much they cost to run, and how reliable they were. The study covered over 150 car models from 32 makers and involved approximately 50,000 participants.

Highest-Ever Rated Car

With a rating of 97.46 per cent for satisfaction, the Tesla Model S was the highest-ever rated car. Furthermore, in the ‘ease of driving’ category it achieved full marks, which is the first time a car has received 100 per cent in the 15 years that the survey has been running

The all-electric Tesla Model S also featured at the top of the in-car tech, practicality, ride quality, road handling, performance, and running costs categories. The only place it lost marks in was build quality, where it only ranked in 33rd place.

Electric Cars Dominate

The report said that owners just can’t get enough of the Tesla, which costs between £50,000 and £83,000, with opportunities for financing from companies like http://www.rightdrive.co.uk. It also went on to say that people who are investing in an electric car are praising them, which is what the survey demonstrates.

Even those with car finance bad credit in Portsmouth and elsewhere are seeking electric cars, as they start to dominate the market.

When completing the survey, participants indicated that reliability is the most important feature in a car that they are looking to buy and is crucial during their ownership. Those who had executive vehicles were the ones who were most happy, with the Tesla Model S also topping this category too. The Lexus GS featured in second place while the Jaguar XF came third.

When asked if the car they own now would influence the one they bought next, two-thirds said they’d purchase the same model next time, while half of the respondents said they would buy from the same manufacturer.