Drain Lining and Permanent Structural Repair.

Drain lining like that offered by Wilkinson Environmental can help to repair issues with your drainage without the need to dig huge holes.  Drain linings can also be applied over newly dug cleanouts in your plumbing system. In certain repair jobs, digging a tiny access hole will be needed to reach your main drain. Once the exact source of the leakage is located, a powerful pumping machine is used to flush out all the internal parts of your plumbing system.

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If you find a cracked or broken sewer line, your plumber will most likely recommend that you apply a Drain Lining method to repair the damage. If the location of the crack or fracture is on your plumbing or piping, it will be very difficult for a small excavation to make the necessary repairs. In this case, the linings or epoxy will be applied directly to the affected pipes to seal the crack or fracture and prevent further sewage leaks.

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In the rare event that Drain Lining is not enough to repair your drains, then your plumber will most likely suggest the use of Permanent Structural Repair (PRR). With this professional plumbing solution, the entire inside of the pipe is flooded, the liner is poured onto the pipe, and then the entire area is re-plugged and resealed. This process permanently seals your drains against future leaks and helps to ensure that your drains work properly all the time. If your plumbing needs are more extensive or drastic, your plumber will be happy to discuss further options with you regarding your PRR repairs.


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