When You May Need Boiler Repair

Boiler repair is not something you plan to do very often but when you do need one, its always better to know what kind of problems it can cause before you have to face the problem. Gas Boilers are the most common and the most dangerous for home owners but a small leak under the sink or beside the hot water heater can be just as dangerous. In the old days, wood boilers were a more popular choice but these require regular maintenance just like gas ones and tend to break down more often. The main difference between the two is that wood ones put out a lot of smoke which is uncomfortable for your neighbors and also causes people to cough. With a gas boiler, the smoke is more of a constant irritant.

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It is important that you use a reputable Boiler Repair Forest of Dean company such as HPR Services when dealing with any issues with your heating system as they will be experienced and knowledgeable and gas safe registered.

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Some other things that may need boiler repair are things like checking the flue pipe, testing the condition of the air ducts, replacing the thermostat, checking the condition of the heating system, replacing the furnace filter, and many other small checks that you will not really think about. Most of these things will probably be problems with the heating system or the filter and could be easily repaired by a licensed contractor.

Before having any major repairs done, however, make sure that you call the manufacturer of your unit to let them know of the problems you are experiencing so that they can address them accordingly. You should check your unit regularly and change the filter out on a regular basis. Doing so can prevent dangerous gases from entering the home and making you sicker.