Oak Beams – Low Maintenance Timber

If you’re looking for new construction or renovations for your home then why not consider oak beams? Oak trees are usually harvested when they’re around 80 years of age and this means that they can now be transformed into a number of elegant structural elements, which definitely bring a lot of character to your home. There are basically three types of oak beams out there, namely, red oak beams, oak beam flooring, and air dried oak beams.

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Red oak is probably the most popular as it is very easily obtainable and therefore fairly cheap. One of the best suppliers of Oak Beams for the home or business is that of https://www.timberpride.co.uk/oak-products/structural-beams/. They can install a beautiful piece of wood that will bring an air of charm and sophistication to any home.

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Red oak beams across the country are used for a variety of purposes, from flooring, to dining halls, conservatories, stairs, decking, and so much more. Red oak timber is also particularly popular for making bespoke cabinets, due to its strength and wide availability, it’s also relatively inexpensive so is often used for these purposes. It’s great for making picture frames, wall paneling, and a wide variety of other uses, because it’s both incredibly strong and naturally resistant to weathering and decay. The reason why red oak is so popular is mainly down to its high quality, its durability and low price compared to other kinds of wood.



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