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How to be a better teacher? 7 tips to achieve it

Establishing a better relationship with the students, achieving a more effective transmission of knowledge and teaching better is possible. We give you 7 tips to achieve to be a better teacher.

  • Using simple tips, teachers can improve their work and increase their effectiveness in the classroom.
  • Teachers of all levels and subjects can apply these tips.
  • The most important thing to be a good teacher is to connect with students sincerely.

Being a teacher is not an easy task since it implies the immense responsibility of transmitting knowledge to the professionals of the future. What is taught today will determine the ways to act tomorrow, so that teachers must be able to ensure a correct transmission of knowledge within the classroom.

The generations of students change constantly, presenting each their own demands and demands at the academic level. Within the classroom, it is the teacher’s task to satisfy these needs, bringing the young people the knowledge and tools necessary to understand the subject taught.

However, generally, the educator’s knowledge is always the same. Those who do not opt ​​for continuing education, and do not adapt to changes in the generations of students, maintain models and educational systems that are currently outdated.

How to better perform the profession in the face of this inevitable and constant change? The most important thing to be a better teacher is to connect with students, know and understand their needs and then think about satisfying them.

But specifically what can be done to be a better teacher? We give you 7 tips that will be useful for this task:

1) Talk to your students

better teacher

It is not necessary that you become your best friend, but that you have the possibility of maintaining a sincere and fluid dialogue. That they have the confidence to express their doubts and you the necessary space to consult them if they really understood what was taught in the classroom.

A fluid dialogue also creates a better learning environment and eliminates the typical tensions that usually arise between an authority figure such as the teacher and the recipients of their knowledge.

2) Get away from the power

Trying to present yourself to your students as a figure of power will not be positive, but quite the opposite.

That model of knowing and punishing teacher no longer works. Young people today will not pay attention to you through threats to expel them from class or obtain bad grades.

To achieve their respect and attention you must avoid authoritarian positions that prevent them from talking.

3) Be creative

better teacher

Find ways to bring more creativity to your classes, either with the topics to teach or how to present them. Students will value this change in a positive way and you will see how little by little they manage to improve their academic results.

It has no science or trick, the most entertaining classes are simply better understood and remembered more.

4) Provides flexibility

For current students, flexibility is not a whim but a necessity. Your task as a teacher is to allow them to have it.

How? Allowing them to occupy the role of teachers from time to time, establishing spaces for the exchange of opinions, making them able to choose the way of presenting their tasks, understanding when the work cannot be delivered on the established date … There are dozens of ways to transform yourself In a more flexible and understanding teacher, you should only find the one that best suits you and your students.

5) Consistency before everything

The flexibility mentioned above should not be confused with the lack of coherence. A good teacher always follows a line of thought, which unites all his actions under certain principles.

It is important that your actions in the classroom be consistent, both for you and for your students. Look for flexibility, yes, but without making your rules too flexible to the point of making them disappear.

6) Humility

You do not know everything, you can learn a lot from your students and it is important that you know. But even more, it is important that they feel it.

7) Shows enthusiasm

better teacher

For a good teacher, there are no boring topics, all have their share of enthusiasm. If you show that you like what you do, this will be reflected in your students and they will become infected with the desire to learn more and more.

There is no universal formula to be a better teacher. There are tips, tips, techniques, and resources, but none of them can be applied to all teachers or students.

Your task as a teacher is to find the method that best suits your classroom, and seek that your students learn more every day.

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