uses of peppermint oil

5 Practical uses of peppermint oil that you will like to know

Today there are many essential oils, but today we are going to focus only on one of them: mint oil. Specifically, in the practical uses of peppermint oil that can help improve health and enjoy greater well-being.

Peppermint oil can also fight certain ailments or problems that may be preventing you from feeling good, energized and sure of yourself. That is why today we are going to discover some practical uses of peppermint oil that no one has ever spoken to you about.

1. Fight a headacheuses of peppermint oil

Do you suffer from migraines or migraines? These ailments usually have a single treatment and it is getting relief through the use of drugs. For that reason, peppermint oil can be a very healthy and more beneficial alternative.


  • 2 drops of peppermint oil
  • 1 teaspoon of almond oil (5 ml)

What should you do?

For the peppermint oil to have its effect, two drops should be diluted in a teaspoon of almond oil, for example, or any other type of oil that we like more.

After doing this, it will be applied to the forehead giving a gentle massage.

Massages come in handy to relieve headaches. We can give it to ourselves or ask someone to do it for us. It’s quite effective, try it!

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2. Help scalp scalinguses of peppermint oil

Another of the practical uses of peppermint oil is to apply it on the scalp to resolve certain ailments such as peeling, also known as seborrheic dermatitis.

However, this oil can also help in case we suffer dandruff, itching or even if we have lice! It is a recommended option for all these cases.

3. Improves oral healthuses of peppermint oil

Do you suffer from many canker sores? Do you smell your breath? Sure we all buy or have ever bought peppermint toothpaste, but what if we choose to make a homemade cream instead of buying it?

The oil of the mind helps us to eliminate the bad tastes of the mouth, at the same time as it protects against infections. In addition, it does not cause any harm in the event that we suffer from sensitive teeth or gums.

It is a much cheaper and healthier option. In addition, it is very possible that it solves all those oral problems that we have always tried to solve with products that we bought, but that never gave the desired effect.

4. Combat asthma problemsuses of peppermint oil

If you have asthma problems or are going through a period of flu, another of the practical uses of the oil of mind is that it will help decongest you and allow you to breathe much better.

Do you remember the vaporub? You can use mint oil as a home vaporub . Apply it before going to sleep on the chest. You can also put some drops in boiling water and vacuum the steam.

In a matter of minutes, the refreshing sensation of the mint will improve your asthma and, in addition, will allow you to breathe better if you have nasal congestion or some other problem derived from a disease like the flu. It will be a relief!

5. Reduce inflammationuses of peppermint oil

Do you have inflammation? Do you notice that you have a problem with circulation? If you are in this case, peppermint oil can help you, as it is a great ally to improve circulation.

If, for example, you have the problem in your legs, try giving a light massage with this oil. The oil will cool the area. It is always advisable to mix it with others, such as almonds, for example, or coconut oil. This prevents irritations from arising.

Did you know these practical uses of peppermint oil? Have you ever used this oil for any of the indicated cases? It is a natural option, much healthier and, above all, cheaper.

Why spend our money on a toothpaste can we make it? Why try a lot of expensive shampoos to solve our dermatitis that ends up not working?

Peppermint oil is available in health food stores or specialty stores in aromatherapy. Even so, we recommend that you check its composition, because sometimes, the oil carries too many components. Ideally, it should be as pure as possible.

Hence the importance that, afterward, we should combine it with other types of oils to soften its concentration a little and that it does not provoke irritations. Would you be encouraged to check the practical uses of peppermint oil?

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