Create your own Art Studio

If you need space as an outlet for your creative desires then you need your own art studio. Not many of us have oodles of spare room but there are some great ideas that you can put into practice in order to make space for your artistic needs. It doesn’t have to be big but it does need to be ‘your’ space.

Closet Conversion

Have a sort through your clothes and squeeze some space out of one of your closets. You can remove the doors, add some shelving or put in a desk and chair. This way you can create your own small studio space and have a convenient place to store all your supplies.

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Fold-down table

You can install one of these pretty much anywhere you have some spare wall space and the great thing about this is that you can fold it up when not in use to save space.


Take over the garage or a part of it anyway for use as your art studio. Alternatively, make use of a basement or even attic space that might currently be full of storage boxes or junk. You may need to make some adjustments to the space for conditions like damp, humidity or heating. For Giclee Printing, find a trusted Giclee Printing Service

Art Caddy

Putting your supplies on a mobile cart means it can be wheeled away when not in use but is a handy area to store everything you need when you need it. Have all your materials at the ready but easily out of harm’s way during family time.

Room Divider

If you are having to use a dining room or living room then think about dividing the room into one part living space and one part art area. You can make use of shelving, a screen or even just ab table to create your demarcation.

Things you’ll need:

A desk – for sitting, planning and storing your supplies.

Adequate Lighting – natural lighting is the best option but if you’re having to re-purpose an enclosed space like a closet or basement then make sure you install bright overhead lighting that doesn’t create odd shadows or dark patches.

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An Easel – this is essential for painting or drawing and it pays to invest in a good, quality one that won’t shift around while you’re using it.

A large selection of brushes – when focusing on finer details, you’ll need smaller brushes with more delicate bristles while larger areas benefit from thick brushes with larger bristles.

Floor protection – if you don’t care about the floor in a garage or basement then you won’t need to worry about this but if you’re in the house then find something to cover up the flooring. A big bed sheet will work just as well as anything bought for the purpose and a piece of tarp will do the job too.

Sink – you’ll find life a lot easier if you have access to a sink in your art studio. Throwing yourself into your artistic creations can be messy work and if you’re working with clay then access to water is crucial.