The main benefits of hardwood flooring

Many people love the look of wood floors. The range of styles and colours mean you can find flooring to suit any style of house or room. It also looks good in commercial buildings, such as shops and offices. Here are some of the many benefits of choosing wood for your flooring.

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Long-lasting investment

Real wood flooring never goes out of style, which means your room will never look dated. The warmth and beauty of wood has been appreciated for floors and furniture throughout the centuries. High-quality hardwood floors can last for generations, so your investment will pay off. Wood can stand up to heavy foot traffic and a lot of use. It can even add to the value of your property, because of its durability, strength and elegance.

Great range of products

Oak is a very popular choice, because it is durable and stains easily. White oak is more popular than red oak, which has pinkish tones. For darker finishes, the deep colour of walnut is another popular choice. This adds a rich, warm tone to the room.

You can also get real wood flooring with different grain patterns, depending on how they have been cut. Plain sawn produces traditional wood grain. Rift-sawn has a long, consistent grain and quarter-sawn boards are similar to rift-sawn, but have irregular patterns, creating almost 3-way rays across the plank. You can get a mix of rift-sawn and quarter-sawn, which looks effective. You can also choose the width of the plank, with wider ones looking more luxurious, particularly in larger rooms. You can see the various different styles and colours at

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Easy to clean

Hardwoods are easy to keep clean, unlike carpets which can need professional deep cleaning. If a small area of the floor is dirty, it can be wiped. Otherwise, the wood floor simply needs to be regularly swept or vacuumed, mopped carefully without using excess water, and dried. Floors do not accumulate much dirt or dust, which means they look clean for longer. Also, wood floors are a healthy choice, as they do not trap dust, pollen or fur. For anyone suffering with allergies, this is the best choice of flooring.

As you can see, hardwood flooring is the perfect choice for all homes or commercial buildings. Unlike carpets or vinyl floors, wood can be refinished rather than replaced.