Pentax KP

Pentax KP, SLR format APS-C that bets to continue reducing the size

Ricoh, the owner of Pentax for a few years, has introduced this new model of digital SLR camera. The Pentax KP is a DSLR with APS format sensor that is placed in a middle segment being its main characteristic, although resistant to the elements, designed to be easily transportable in daily use very compact body.

Designed by the firm as a camera “provides complete specifications for any artistic or photographic and many customizations that meet the specific demands of each photographer working”, other major features of the new Pentax KP is a new sensor 24.32 megapixel, capable of taking pictures up to 819200 ISO and mounted on a stabilization system five axes that ” compensates up to five steps shutter”.

Pentax KP
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A compact body

The rumors in recent days pointed to Pentax could have a new model without a mirror to give a boost to a brand that has not been lavished much in this field; however, rumors were wrong and what Pentax has done has been to present a new SLR trying to give a new twist by offering a body “much more compact and thinner than existing models” (according to the company), which Designed from scratch.

Still, his features we can see details that remind us of the Pentax K1, the full frame and top end of the house, as the top “rabbet” in a pyramid shape and a similar arrangement of wheels and control buttons. This makes the new camera resemble your older sister and looks like a small K1. In addition, we are struck by the design of the front control wheel, in the front right just above the grip.

Of course, the biggest novelty is in the grip, where it has been innovated with a modular grip system. Thus, there are three different grips (in sizes S, M and L) that can be swapped to suit the taste (and hands) of the user, although not clear if they are included with the camera or are additional accessories. As if this were not enough, the camera body is constructed of magnesium alloy and sealed in 67 points resistant making it to the elements (rain, dust and temperatures up to ten below zero).

Otherwise, your body features a three – inch rear LCD and approximately 921000 points is hinged vertically to facilitate high angle shots and low. This screen includes some technologies that, according to Pentax, improve the user experience both when shooting in bright conditions and when doing so in places with poor lighting.

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New high sensitivity sensor

Although the gross figure megapixel (24) of the CMOS sensor is equal to that of previous models such as the recent K-70 or K-3 II (which at first seems to come to relieve), the actual number is different (24 by 24.32) so we believe in Pentax when it says that it is a new sensor.

This captor, which incidentally discards the flter lowpass, is accompanied by Prime IV processor (this is no longer new) to achieve a figure of stratospheric sensitivity, 819200 ISO, which even exceeds the model FF (stating a maximum of 204800 ISO). A figure that we crave something absurd even if the camera promises “a reduction of highly effective noise”.

With respect to the focus, the AF system is provided by the module SAFOX 11 27 selectable points, of which 25 are cross-shaped and placed in the center. This system approach is not new but Pentax says that includes an “algorithm new and improved ensuring better accuracy and speed AF than previous models […] to ensure timely focus on the subject with a minimum brightness level”. In addition, the Pentax KP also offers customization features of the autofocus operation to suit the consumer and make it more versatile.

Pentax KP
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Other “inherited”

The Pentax KP meets a long list of features that we have seen in previous models of the brand and make the new a comprehensive camera. We talk for example of SR II reduction system movement in five axes, which provides a compensation effect five – step shutter (always according to the company), or resolution system pixel shift (Pixel Shift Resolution System), which Captures four images of the same scene by moving the image sensor one pixel to obtain a higher resolution final image.

We also discussed the simulator AA filter, to prevent the occurrence of moire casual by the physical elimination of this classic element or even the non -appearance of recording technology 4K video, it seems that Pentax is resistor to adopt.

Otherwise, commenting that the electronic shutter is capable of shooting up to 1 / 24,000 seconds (mechanical reaches 1 / 6,000), and the camera has a maximum speed of continuous shooting seven images per second, has integrated WiFi and a new dust reduction system sensor (Dust Removal II).

Pentax KP: Rate and availability

The new camera will be available in two finishes, black and silver, at the end of next February for a suggested retail price 1299 dollars. We do not know if this cost refers to the body alone or to a kit together with some basic objective. Of course, when we know it we will tell you.