Why are park homes becoming so popular with the over 50’s?

As many people get older, their thoughts begin to turn toward how life can be made easier. This may include downsizing their home or moving somewhere where there is a feeling of community without losing their independence and privacy. In other cases, they simply desire to live somewhere beautiful while releasing equity to enjoy life a little bit more.

Park homes, sometimes also referred to as mobile homes or caravans, often come to the fore as a popular choice for older people. Like a small, single-storey house with the added advantage of being able to be moved, park homes can offer affordable, easy-to-manage living.

Often situated in beautiful locations, they can also create the opportunity of living somewhere that might otherwise be unaffordable with traditional housing. Developments of communities on individual sites can be good for older residents worried about feeling lonely.  Conveyancing Guildford based company Sam Conveyancing is a company that could help with facilitating the legal side of this.

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A haven for the over-50s

Increasingly, park homes are offering a luxurious new way of living for the over-50s. Combining the comfort of modern housing standards with access to local amenities in well-designed locations, park home living is becoming a popular choice for those wanting to enjoy their later years to the fullest.

What you should know about park home living

As with any home purchase, it’s important to know the legal and financial implications of buying a park home before making any commitment. Park Homes Advice provide useful information about buying and living in park homes.

If you purchase a park home, you will still need to pay rent to the owners of the site in what is known as a “pitch fee”. As with traditional housing, council tax will also still be payable alongside energy costs.

It is also worth checking whether the site you’re interested in has a residential licence to allow you to live there all year-round, and whether there is a site manager on hand to deal with any issues that may arise. Take a look at how well-maintained the site is; this is a good indicator of what you can expect long-term. As a potential “forever home”, you need to be sure that the property and the style of living offered there are right for you.

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