Repair cream of radish to fight sinusitis

With the change of season or simply of climate between the open spaces and the closed spaces that have heating or air conditioning, temperature shocks are generated. These often cause discomfort in the respiratory tract.

If we add to this the possibility of suffering from a mouth infection or flu, it is likely that we end up with sinusitis. In this article, we show you a homemade and completely natural remedy to combat the discomfort caused by sinusitis, using radish as the main ingredient.

What is sinusitis?radish

Sinusitis is a type of infection that occurs in the sinuses. The symptoms usually appear after going through a viral or bacterial picture, which can be contracted by an oral infection, allergy or a cold.

The sinuses are the tubes through which the air passes inside the nose. It is there where the mucus that goes to the nose is secreted, so if they are inflamed because of an infection, they can become blocked and cause pain.

Sinusitis is very common and the symptoms may vary a bit depending on the cause of the disease, health and general sensitivity of each person. There are people who suffer from sinusitis sporadically, but others suffer from it for months or even years. That is why there are several types of sinusitis:

  • If it lasts up to four weeks, it is called acute sinusitis.
  • If the symptoms exceed this time and extend around 12 weeks, it is a subacute sinusitis.
  • When people suffer from this discomfort for several months or surpassing the year, then they are facing a condition of chronic sinusitis.
  • When several isolated episodes of sinusitis occur for one year, it is considered a recurrent type.

Symptoms of sinusitis usually include congestion, fever, weakness, and fatigue. In some cases, there is also drainage of mucus in the back of the throat, called postnasal drip. In general, doctors recommend antibiotics, decongestants, and analgesics as a form of treatment.

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The radish and its propertiesradish

The radish is a tuber that gives the meals a peculiar touch that is appreciated by many people. In Asian medicine, it is widely used thanks to its multiple healing properties.

In the field of respiratory diseases, the plant is very useful in the treatment of bronchitis, influenza, rhinitis, and sinusitis. Thanks to its action bronchodilator, expectorant, and antibiotic, helps to reduce inflammation of the ducts and expel mucus.

There are many ways to consume it. Everything will depend on the preferences of each person. For example, you can eat it by introducing a piece of radish in your mouth, whole or grated, and let its aroma expand and then swallow it.

This is an effective way to fight infection in the sinuses. However, not everyone tolerates its taste and itching, so many people are looking for other alternatives to use radish as a remedy to fight sinusitis.

How to make a radish-based repairing cream to fight sinusitis?radish

Creams are an effective way to attack different body conditions, both external and internal. Usually, different elements and components of the creams, such as cocoa butter, are usually seen. However, radish is also a food that has great cosmetic purposes.

The radish has properties that make it a natural and home remedy very effective to treat problems of the respiratory system. There are many recipes that include it as an ingredient in infusions, concoctions, and ointments. Therefore, here we present a cream or poultice that will help relieve pain caused by sinusitis.


  • 6 spicy radishes
  • 1 onion
  • gauze

What should you do?

  • Grate the radishes and mash them with the onion.
  • Mix them until you create a paste.
  • Spread the paste on the gauze and apply the poultice on the nose, forehead or where you feel pain.
  • Leave it on the affected area for 15 or 20 minutes while it is working.

If you feel that you have any of the symptoms described in this article, the first thing you should do, before self-medication, is to consult your trusted doctor. This will proceed to make the necessary evaluation and it will be possible to make a diagnosis about your health status.

Meanwhile, radish-based natural remedies are usually a great option. Remember that prevention is also a fundamental part of staying healthy. So, pay close attention to your hygiene and eating habits.

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