Interesting facts about Turkey

Turkey is a popular tourist destination and thousands of people each year visit the country to enjoy the climate, beautiful scenery and incredible architecture that can be found across the country. There are some incredible Luxury Villas in Turkey like the ones you can see at from which you can explore the rest of the country.

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There are many reasons as to why you would want to explore this country during a lovely summer break and here are a few of them to have a look at.


If you enjoy a spot of shopping, you will be pleased to know that Istanbul is home to the largest and oldest shopping mall in the world. The Grand Bazaar is thought to date back to 1455 and was created not long after the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottomans. It has grown to now cover 61 streets that are lined by well over 3,000 shops. The entire location covers and impressive 333,0000 sqaure feet. You could probably spend all of your weeks holiday exploring the area and you still wouldn’t get to see all of the shops.

Cultural sites aplenty

If you enjoy walking around some cultural and historical sites, then Turkey has plenty of options available with at least 13 sites in the country being on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list and there are a further 62 on the to be considered list. The sites include a battlefield form World War One in Gallipoli as well as a Mesolithic Temple called Gobekli Tepe.

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Lots of baby turtles

The Iztuzu beach during May and October is covered with the endangered Loggerhead Sea Turtles who visit the site each year to lay their eggs. It is thought that there are around 300 nests created each year and the turtles will return again and again to the same site. The newly hatched turtles will themselves return to Iztuzu beach to lay their own eggs as turtles naturally return to their birth place to hatch their own young.

Mountains galore

If you are partial to a mountain range or two then Turkey is the destination for you. There are thought to be over 130 different peaks that reach heights over 3000 metres with the highest one (Palandoke) reaching an impressive 3,125 metres high.

Diversity galore

Turkey is ranked amongst the top 35 biodiverse hotspots in the world. With any impressive 10,000 different plant varieties and 80,00 animal species locate in the country.